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  • Flying car backed by Google co-founder Larry Page takes to skies in early demo

    bigpics said:
    Agreed it's not "a flying car."  Flying Sea Cycle would be my take.  

    And not a transit answer.  But yahoos with money would probably want one.    

    Right.  Seems like a very cool niche machine at this point.  I expect the other reason why they show it over a lake is because it would appeal to the same people who spend thousands (10s of thousands?) of dollars on recreational boating.  If I could buy one of these for, say, twice the cost of a jet ski (and I were in the market for a jet ski), I would probably buy one.

    There are significant recreational/tourism markets for this sort of thing.  It would be very fun to explore national parks and natural wonders in one of these (with a flock of friends).  Sure it would suck for everyone else having to put up with the noise pollution and visual clutter, but that doesn't mean it wouldn't be a cool experience for the rider.

    If I win the lottery, I'll buy one of these, and a ranch or lake where I can play with it.

    Although I've not seen any videos demonstrating the actual level of noise generated by this craft, I assume it would be significant, possibly comparable to a wave rider... or a giant swarm of angry hornets.
  • Samsung's fix for red-tinted Galaxy S8 screens forces users to self-calibrate

    Well, fortunately for Samsung they may not have enough sales of this device to warrant a class-action lawsuit against them.
  • 'Severe supply shortages' of Apple's 'iPhone 8' said to be a major concern through end of ...

    Kuo is "trolling for dollars" again.
  • The Democratic Party is on Fire...

    Apropos of nothing, looks like the election in France is down to Le Pen and Macron. Could French Socialism finally be on the way out?

    I had a conversation with Melgross here once in which I argued the EU would eventually collapse. Turns out I may be right, even though the order of countries leaving I got wrong. I was sure Germany would be among the first to go.
    tallest skil
  • Full copy of Apple's self-driving car permit revealed [u]

    k2kw said:
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    tcid said:
    Please correct references to a "Lexus RX 540h." It is a Lexus RX 450h. I thought it was just an isolated typo in the first article published last week, but now I see it in today's articles too. Other than that, thanks for the scoop!
    I wonder how much it would cost Apple to by Toyota.   That's one quick way to catch up to Tesla (I may have to eat crow - but not yet)
    Wouldn't it be cheaper and more inline with Apple to buy Tesla?
    I think Apple has missed the boat on Tesla.
    Would have been smart 4 years ago.
    It's still not proven Tesla will ever be able to turn a profit, despite their current Wall Street valuation. They could end up like AMZN and have a massively inflated stock price and zero profits.