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  • Apple rumored to eliminate 32GB tier with 'iPhone 8,' with capacity starting at 64GB

    avon b7 said:
    Soli said:
    As the largest NAND consumer this is heavily dependent on their ability to source the necessary components.

    If they do move to 64GB I think we'll likely see less concern for IOS 11's size, which could impact those with older devices.
    It's not about components. It's about marketing and greed. iPods were so successful in part because Apple invested in assuring capacity. That was then a problem for competitors as they couldn't get their hands on enough components, much less at the prices Apple was getting. 
    As usual you don't know what you're talking about and have thought through your irrational Apple hate. Are you really going to say "Apple is simpler being less greedy" when they finally bump their capacity again? Of course not, you'll just find some other reeks to claim they are greedy.
  • Wireless charging likely coming to Apple's 'iPhone 8,' but not Energous's long-range solut...

    sog35 said:
    Soli said:
    sog35 said:
    These fake wireless charging is useless.

    I'd rather just plug in and get a faster charge. Plus those 'wireless' chargers are HUGE and take up a ton of space. I need to charge 2 iPhones, 2 iPads, and my Airpods. I don't have room with those big charging pads that Samdung uses.
    1) How do you know it will be huge? What in the physics of it says it must huge? Isn't Apple known for making things smaller?

    2) You'll still be able to plug in the device to charge. This isn't an either/or situation so there's no reason to complain about it.

    3) Personally, I look forward to not having to manually line up plugging in or using two hands unplug my phone. even with a weighed dock with a sticky bottom it can still require two hands to keep the dock in place. This can resolve that limitation.
    Are you willing to sacrifice a faster charge to save 1 second it takes to plug in a charger? I'm not. I have zero problem with plugging in, it takes literally 1 second.
  • Wireless charging likely coming to Apple's 'iPhone 8,' but not Energous's long-range solut...

    tundraboy said:
    We need solar power supplementation as a way of recharging and extending battery life dramatically. Apple already has the patent for it.
    Solar recharging for a device that is usually kept in a pocket or purse and left out in the open mostly at night?
    So these devices are never used? Then what is draining the battery that everyone can't stop complaining about?

    A glass front and back, with dozens of receptors, absorbing natural and artificial light. Virtually every time you pick up and unlock your phone (the only time the battery is draining significantly) it will be recharging. The net result is a battery that could potentially last a LONG time. The potential isn't known. It could be a few more hours, or it could be days, or longer.
    He mentioned they are used, but you haven't told us about this new solar invention that will allow limited exposure to the sun to recharge the device about 100x faster than is currently capable. You haven't even considered how a case, how your hand, how being in a building, or being overcast are hurdles that need to be overcome for this vision of yours to work, yet you claim that it would be recharging "virtually every time you pick up […] your phone." Everything says that's it's not feasible to have it charge faster than the power being drawn, so the onus is on you show evidence that this feasible.
  • Apple unlikely to develop an Echo-like standalone Siri speaker - report

    kevin kee said:
    metalcase said:
    kevin kee said:
    Echo sounds good on paper - a centralize device that search the answers for your questions online and play music. But that's it. The idea is simple, but very limited. The novelty wear off in a few months and the device is collecting dusts in the corner of your living room.

    Compare that to Siri, it's not visible but everywhere when you needed it. In the car, in the train, in the shopping mall, it's in your phone,watch and airpods. In the living room, it's in your AppleTV. In the kitchen, your office, it's in your Mac. It's not the main actor in all of your devices, but it's there when you need quick search, call up apps, control hardware and play your music. Its function is not as limited as Echo. It has potential that is very realistic.
    My experience has been the exact opposite of your claim. While Siri is with me, she is in my pocket. 'Hey Siri' doesn't do anything while in my pocket. So I have to get my phone out, and once that step is done, Siri takes longer to complete a task than just doing whatever manually on my phone.  The one bright spot has been Siri in the car with Apple Music because I can ask out loud and have any song playing in seconds. The Echo at home is easier to use and ready to go at all times, and I use it every single day. More now than when I first got mine in 2014.  You are right about one thing though, it does collect dust, because I never actually touch it.
    Saying that Siri doesn't do anything in your pocket is like saying Echo doesn't do anything in living room when you are calling out in the shower room. It's beyond logical that one need to take out the phone to use Siri - or double tap Airpods when wearing them - not only because accidental activation is abound which annoyingly happened a lot with Alexa.

    Personal case by case aside, asking Siri to read your last email is 4 steps less than doing them manually. Obviously there are some tasks that are easier to do manually, but surely you should know that people don't use Siri to brighten their screen for example.
    Setting a timer or a calendar entry can take under 3 seconds to complete with Siri, but wth manually take a lot longer. I only use the Clock app via Siri so I have no idea where on my iPhone it's even located.

    One great feature with the Echo products is that I don't have to go into my iPhone to pair to the old, dumb speaker that I have in the bathroom. I can quickly switch from my BT headphones after a jog to the Echo speaker with "Alexa, connect to iPhone*" without missing any of a podcast or having to waste time to go into Settings and connect to it manually. This even gets more problematic with wet or dirty hands.

    * Technically all you need is "Alexa, connect" to have it reconnect with the last paired device, but I'm in the habit, and one day we might be able to name multiple BT devices so that it can be even smarter, like it can already due with innumerable timers which are great for the kitchen, while Siri can only do one.
  • Apple unlikely to develop an Echo-like standalone Siri speaker - report

    I truly fear for this company. When the iPhone fades it's hard to see what is going to keep this company afloat.  

    I dont feel like Apple has had a SW or HW hit product in years. Cook keeps rambling about how amazing AI is, please just shut up and prove it. 

    Anyone that doubts the the efficacy of voice assistants for the home clearly didn't pay attention to the holiday season and the momentum Echo has. 

    Siri is not omnipresent.  I have 2 Google Home and an Echo dot and both crush Siri
    Aside from the totally embarrassing, non-practical application of a dedicated device that sits in one place, that you must either stand next to or shout at from a distance. They are not serious products with a real application.
    And your TV and every other appliance in your home is also "totally embarrassing, non-practical application of a dedicated device that sits in one place" because? Does your alarm clock follow you around the house or does it reside in one place, likely on your nightstand? What about those who have physical disabilities that don't allow them to easily grab a device or the speed in which many tasks can be performed without going through touchscreens? Do you never use Siri or OK Google for even something simple, like a timer? What about when trying to use your touchscreen device with wet, full, or dirty hands, as is often the case when you're in the bathroom or kitchen?