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  • Apple slashes affiliate commission rate on apps from 7 to 2.5%

    This abrupt change with only a week's warning is atypical for Apple and I can't think of s single good reason why it would happen now, this quickly, and with such a large drop. Usually these are planned out and stepped. Even if Apple was lowering their App Store take in the near future, I'm still surprised by this move now and so abruptly.
  • Apple upgrades 2013 Mac Pros with more cores & faster GPUs

    Now that Apple has explained why they just couldn't add any upgraded component into this design due to thermal issues, is anyone going to apologize for repeatedly stating over the past 2+ years that all Apple had to to put in new chips?
  • Trump using new iPhone to tweet despite prior calls for Apple boycott

    Tiring this is, your incessant desire to politicize this website.  You will lose us if you keep this up.  If we want politics and fake news and such, we can watch CNN or Fox or whatever.  Please, make this a pleasant site for dedicated Apple users.  Thank you for your hard work in the past, and, I hope for the future.
    The man has an iPhone. This is an Apple-focused website. He's the first POTUS to use one. He did call for a ban of Apple products not too long ago. This article makes perfect sense, and it's not a political statement.
  • Lengthy iOS 10.3 install time likely due to conversion to new Apple File System

    1) Interesting that this comes during a point update, and not iOS 11.

    2) Interesting that this comes to iOS, which has the largest install base of all their OS X-based system, and not macOS first. (You can check Get Info on your Mac's drive or In Disk Utility to see if it lists APFS or Mac OS Extended).

    3) For me, macOS would be a great benefit to APFS because it would allow for very fast file copies, which is a system where I'm most likely to manipulate large files. The following video has an example of how APFS can be beneficial to Mac users. Maybe I'll back up and format my drive for APFS since Apple is confident enough to use it for iOS.

    4) Any ideas why it wasn't use for macOS? Is there any evidence that watchOS tvOS (or touchbarOS) have also been updated to APFS. My Apple Watch did seem to take a long time to update, too.
  • Apple's iOS 10.3 patches mobile Safari bug used in ransomware campaign

    coolfactor said:
    the fast-app switcher that lets you quit running apps.
    Kinda-sorta. The Fast App Switcher (FAS) simply lists apps in descending order in which they were last opened. They may or may not still be actively running a process, and may not even be taking up any RAM, but they are still listed in the order in which they were last used.

    We can even test this by loading a few apps that have a nice long startup screen. Large games, for example. Load them, then activate FAS to see them in the order in which they were last active, then restart your iDevice. After it restarts you can load FAS again to see those app still listed and in the same order before the restart, but if you click one you'll now get the initial load screen because it wasn't preloaded into RAM with the reboot.