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  • Apple's 'iPhone 8' to gain tougher IP68 water and dust resistance - report

    cali said:
    Why doesn't the article mention Samsung lied about their waterproof rating?
    Did they lie, or did they change their IP code in order to better protect themselves?

    jmey267 said:
    cali said:
    Why doesn't the article mention Samsung lied about their waterproof rating?
    Yes even Consumer Reports stated the iPhone 7 was better than Samsungs IP68 even though the iPhone has a lower rating. Samsung always lying and cheating.
    The iPhone doing better doesn't inherently mean Samsung lied, and it certainly doesn't mean that Apple's IP code rating is too low. You have to consider what the rating means.

    Even with an IP67 rating if you take an iPhone in to be repaired for an issue that wasn't caused by water damage they may turn you away because your liquid indicators have been triggered as water damage isn't covered by the warranty. It's IPx7 rating states that it can survive the pressure of water at a 1M depth for 30 minutes, but Apple has no idea if it feel in the sink or the bottom of a diving pool. It's IPx7 rating also doesn't mean that it can only survive at up to that depth. The IPx8 rating is poorly stated and means nothing without the vendor specifically stating what depth and timeframe it's been tested.

    Because of Apple's position in the market and mindshare, they're going to under-promise and over-deliver when it's to their financial benefit. 
  • Apple boosts tvOS app size limit to 4GB

    A 20x increase in size limit?

    That's weird. And non-trivial. How often do you see something like that?
    1) That's very atypical so I wonder if something else is up that we might be able to predict—perhaps with an upcoming Spring event.

    2) Too bad we can't get a 20x increase in iCloud storage. Hell, I'd even settle for a 2x increase.
  • Is Apple getting Siri-ous in the face of Amazon's Alexa Echo?

    "Eidetic memory"? Did you look in a thesaurus to find an obscure word instead of just saying "photographic memory" or "perfect memory"? You picked a bad example in cooking since I've been cooking since I was 10. And yes, I can convert anything related to cooking in my head. It's not that difficult nor does it require you to be great at math. My mother and grandmother could also do it. It's not rocket science.
    1) Eidetic memory is a term you should add to your vocabulary and use in place of the erroneous photographic memory. Wikipedia does a good job of explaining why:
    Although the terms eidetic memory and photographic memory may be used interchangeably, they are also distinguished, with eidetic memory referring to the ability to view memories like photographs for a few minutes, and photographic memory referring to the ability to recall page or text numbers, or similar, in great detail. In the case of distinguishing the concepts, eidetic memory has been documented while photographic memory is a popular culture myth that has never been demonstrated to exist.

    2) I fail to see how you cooking age 10 means that no one else has a use for an Echo or why that automatically means you can convert, say, grams into ounces in your head or tell me how long any turkey needs to thaw andcook based on its weight. I cook, and I still do research and double check my findings. Not being "rocket science" doesn't mean science isn't involved. 

    I just don't see how a voice assistant (Alexa, Google or Siri) is going to improve my morning routine, save me any time, or provide me better information that what I'm already getting.
    Not improving your life doesn't mean it doesn't improve others. Should the iPad not exist because I don't have a need for one, or is it fine that I can understand how the iPad is not only useful, but the ideal computing device for millions of people? I use Siri every day but you'd want that removed, or at least the part that will do conversions for you, because you claim you can do ant conversation in your head? How can you think that argument sounds reasonable?

    PS: Perfect memory is more absurd than even so-called perfect vision. At least with perfect vision it references an actual baseline of visual acuity.
  • Review: LG UltraFine 5K Display with Thunderbolt 3 for Apple's 2016 MacBook Pro

    nubus said:
    How can this plastic display get a 4 of 5 rating? Don't we have higher expectations?
    You should rethink your expeditions when your complaint is the plastic casing with no mention of the actual display accuracy or performance.

    Dell (of all companies) just launched a 33 megapixel (8K UHD) monitor. It is far better designed but requires DisplayPort 1.4. Meanwhile Apple is making us believe that Thunderbolt 3 with DisplayPort 1.2 is the future of everything. It is not. This display is a disgrace. Tim Cook should apologize to Angela Ahrendts for asking her to sell it - and to us for expecting that we buy it.

    No, they didn't "just launch" an 8K display. If you were paying attention they just announced one at CES. It doesn't launch until later this year, and as you note is requires DP 1.4 which is not currently supported on any 2016 Mac which makes your complaint even more ridiculous.

  • Is Apple getting Siri-ous in the face of Amazon's Alexa Echo?

    I'm curious what people actually ask Alexa to do. I just don't see the benefit or why I'd want one (or a bunch, actually) in my home.

    What would be the Top 10 questions/commands you give Alexa that makes it worthwhile?
    Top 10? I'm not sure I could tell you an accurate list.. Same for Siri, although my most common non-query to Siri is probably telling it to fuck off after it repeatedly fails on simple commands.

    Some of the things I do is create multiple timers for cooking. I also ask it to music or news from any variety of sources, including my personal library. The weather forecast is another one. A nice feature with having an Echo is that you can practically mumble this from across the room while passing through the room right after waking up and it'll be spot on. Another nice feature of the Echo is being able to say "Alexa…" while music is playing fairly loudly and it'll be able to pause the music to listen to the rest of your command. If it's up too loud you may have to yell "Alexa." Speaking of volume, I like the 1 through 10 volume setting over Siri's percentage option, which I only learned about in the last week. The aforementioned alarms and asking for the time with remarkable ease is one. I can't come close to that with "Hey, Siri…" even though on paper it might look like the same thing. Flash briefings of news are nice while you're in the kitchen cooking, which you can personalize. Having stuff added to a to-do list, shopping list, and to your Amazon cart is convenient. I only use the latter for Echo as I still use Notes in my iPhone and Mac with manual entries. Trivia is great with Echo during a dinner conversation. And if you don't have a song in your library, it will look to play it for you from its collection, and if not it will at least play a sample from its Amazon page. Kind of fun to be talking about a movie and then play clips from the soundtrack from the Amazon website. If you want to play full songs you can just ask it to play a genre. If you have some other service added it will try that, otherwise it will try other options. Unlike with the Apple TV's TV app and with Amazon's Prime Video which lumps paid and free content together without a hierarchy, Alexa's algorithm looks to satisfy your requests with your personalized settings and services, and then works to other options if those don't pan out.

    It's also now great for smart home integration, checking the status of a flight before you leave, ordering an Uber/Lyft, and my roommate used it to find her keys and iPhone as she was prone to misplacing the moment she put them down. There are simply too many features to list and I'm forgetting a million things I use it for without thinking twice. Your request is like asking me the top 10 things I talk about with someone I've lived with for 2 years. I'm not saying your question is unreasonable since we're talking about technology, but from my end that's what the question feels like since it does so much.

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