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  • Google Maps gets location sharing for Apple's iPhone & iPad

    Yawn. While Google gets called on the carpet for sponsoring hate content using ad revenues from major corporations to do so. 

    Right now, my distaste for Google is quite high. And anything that spins a positive light on them or their products like these articles from AppleInsider are doing will likely lead me to drop my membership. 

    £250,000 estimated paid out by the corporation to hate groups. Check it out. 


    It will likely become a non-issue as Google's advertising revenues are taking a big hit as a result. They won't have any development capital to fund new software advancements. Still, the company's outlook and philosophy leave much to be desired. 
  • Apple captured 540% the profits of Samsung Mobile in 2016 as China's phone makers battled ...

    Avon B7 said, "No manufacturer of low or mid tier phones has even the slightest intention of massive profit. Comparing those profits to those of Apple serves little or no purpose."

    If maximizing profits isn't the goal, then it's time for those companies to get out of the business. 

    The criticism of the points DED made with statements like this are pretty ridiculous. 

    Apple and Samsung are the only two companies capable of reliably profiting from the smartphone industry. Samsung primarily in components and Apple in the finished product and vertically integrated system. 

    Samsung is attempting to move to Apple's vertically integrated model much to the consternation of Google. Samsung's plan is to move off of Android all together and over to Tizen. Samsung's Tizen phone sales in India are pretty nice. And it is quite worrisome to Google. Because if Samsung is successful, the only high end players will be Apple and Samsung. And neither will be running on Android. 


    So it actually be self-fulfilling if the low end Android device manufacturers aren't interested in large profits. Because it won't happen. There will be Apple and Samsung. The others, including Huawei won't be playing at the high end of anything. Samsung's Gear S3 makes the Android wear watches from Huawei and LG look atrocious. 
  • Google's second-gen Pixel due in 2017, will tackle Apple iPhone in 'premium' segment

    gatorguy said:
    Soli said:
    :sigh: I'm glad they are going to build a better quality phone, but it's silly to present as being some upset to the iPhone when their Android-based devices have never had decent marketshare. How about Google first try to take a decent position amongst the higher-end Android-based devices that Samsung currently controls. After that I'd understand setting sights on trying to usurp the iPhone for best smartphone on the market.
    Isn't the AI article just the author's view that Google is trying to upstage the iPhone? I don't think Google has ever mentioned Apple as being a competitor, much less trying to build a better iPhone. They're trying to build one of the best ANDROID phones. But I suppose everyone in reality has to compete with it. 

    EDIT: Just read the source article and I was correct. Not one mention of Apple or an iPhone. 
    "They're trying to build one of the best ANDROID phones."

    Good luck with that. Samsung is so far ahead of nearly all of the components manufacturers that Google would have access to, it's not even funny. And Apple is about to take all of Samsung's OLED manufacturing capacity that isn't reserved for Samsung itself. 

    I would rather have a Samsung Z series phone than the Pixel. 

    The Pixel was lucky to be released as the Note 7 was crashing and "burning." Samsung won't make the same mistake again. 

    Samsung makes the best hardware in the Android space. Google's efforts are laughable. It's why Samsung is the biggest seller of Android phones. They will remain so for some time until they move off of Android and over to Tizen completely. At that time, Google might have a slightly better chance. Unless Huawei also ditches Android for Tizen. 

    Check out this article:


    Samsung has already sold some 64 million Tizen based phones. And the Pixel?!? Maybe 3 million?

     HTC cannot match Samsung and its who Google is using. 

    Face it, Google is panicked over Samsung's plans to move off of Android. And they feel they need to advance their own hardware as a result. But the Pixel isn't anywhere near Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S8 and it's dependent on QCOM remaining competitive over the long term. Just waterproofing alone is reason to avoid the Pixel. 

    For crying out loud, Samsung's smartwatches are far better than the knockoffs from LG and Huawei using Android wear. It was Samsung who came up with the idea of the rotating bezel, something that Google copied into Android wear, but LG and Huawei seem incapable of incorporating properly. 

    The real interesting aspect is that Google faces a conundrum. They are competing with their own OEMs. It has bigtime potential for driving the manufacturers off of Android and over to another alternative. Tizen is open source and there is quite a market for Tizen based apps in India. It won't be long before that success spills over into other parts of Asia and the rest of the world. Unlike Google who is dependent on having the playstore and Google apps installed, Samsung doesn't need to do the same. They make money off of their hardware sales and can allow Tizen to be modified by other OEMs as they see fit. There will be some major defections occurring in the not too distant future from Android. 
  • Google Keep for iPhone and Mac disappoints, imposes profound limitations on users

    What good is vastly more power if it's not available for use. 

    It's like having a heavily modified Corvette with 1200 horsepower but the car is stuck in the garage most of the time because the fuel pump doesn't work properly and there's no one to fix it. Getting it out means a rough ride and the engine cutting out all the time. 

    The 90 horsepower dog ugly Yaris (the car looks worse than the old AMC Gremlin) would actually do a better job from getting from point A to B. 

    Apple maps works well for me. And if I am at the desktop, I will use Bing instead. 

    I will only use YouTube from Google on occasion for a how to video. The rest of their product offerings offer very little from what else is available. 
  • Apple adds to Qualcomm legal battles with new UK lawsuit

    QCOM should cave, but they aren't and the modem slot will belong entirely to Intel in short order. QCOM will have no advantages in the move to 5G networks and their model at that point will no longer guarantee excessive profits.

    If QCOM were to cave, they might have retained Apple's business although I find it highly doubtful with what Intel is planning to bring to the market.  Still it would be worth a try. Instead, QCOM stands to lose big time. It isn't only Apple they stand to lose as a customer. Samsung's business will also be lost.