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  • 'iPhone 8' to include game changing 3D facial recognition tech in FaceTime camera

    This is one the rumor mill is definitely getting wrong. Very wrong.

    They may indeed have an enhanced facial recognition system, to apply to the Camera and Photos app, because the People feature desperately needs better logic.

    But thats it. You're not going to be unlocking your iPhone with your face.

    Old Well-Connected has all the dots in front of him, but he's failed to join them up correctly. He seriously thinks that Apple is going to force users to authenticate with their face and a fingerprint before buying a Vanilla Latte?

    if that's what he thinks then either he's on crack or Apple is. 
  • Apple shares four new 'One Night' ads focusing on iPhone 7 low-light photography [u]

    Does anyone else remember buying a mobile phone to make phone calls?

    I'm getting very old :-(

  • Apple places 5th on corporate reputation poll, Samsung drops 42 spots

    macxpress said:
    Why do we always have to add Samsung into every piece of Apple news? Why can't the article just say, Apple is 2nd in corporate reputation poll?
    Because that wouldn't cause a revenue-generating bun fight. 
  • GM & Lyft to deploy 'thousands' of self-driving Bolts in 2018 - report

    kamilton said:
    Here's a snarky question:  Are people who aren't smart enough to drive a car safely, capable of doing any job?

    If the folks who voted for Trump did so because they feel entitled to better jobs and pay, they are looking for an easy way out.  They should shut off The Apprentice, switch off that Alex Jones YouTube channel and do what much less privileged people are doing in India and elsewhere.  Learn math.  Learn physics.  Learn chemistry.  Learn to code.  Learn to do something that has value in the 21st century, instead of asking big daddy to bring back the 20th century.  Human technological and social evolution will continue.  As an individual, you're either adapting or being a loser.
    I couldn't agree more. It's called evolution. Adapt and survive.  
  • AirPods vs. Powerbeats3: Which Apple W1 headphones are better for working out and exercisi...

    Since we're doing unverifiable anecdotes, I thought I'd add one of my own:

    Had my PowerBeats3 since just before Christmas, and I average about 3 gym sessions a week, and an occasional run. The headphones have behaved themselves perfectly, once I figured out that I need to put my phone in Airplane mode to stop the headphones connecting to it (stored in a locker in the changing room on the lower floor – the range of these things is insane, and not always helpful.)

    I would advise folk to give them a try to see if they suit.