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  • Bloomberg attacks Apple TV as failing to be "a groundbreaking, iPhone-caliber product"

    Folks, what we're looking at here is the investment bankers attempting to blackmail Apple with all the finesse and subtlety of a rugby tackle. 

    What they're saying is, "Let us handle your acquisitions and pay us millions to do it, or we will crank up the fake failure narrative."

    I don't think I've seen a company attract such greed, but then again there are few companies sitting on such a huge pile of cash. 
  • Apple's W1-equipped wireless BeatsX headphones ship Feb. 10

    212Tam said:
    Rayz2016 said:
    Wait, so these things are charged with a lightning cable, but the PowerBeats3 uses mini-USB?

    What's that about?

    I think the Solo 3 Wireless and Powerbeats were refreshes of existing models while the BeatsX is brand new?

    Ah. Makes sense. 
  • Apple CEO Tim Cook meets with fashion designer Julien Fournie, VizEat co-founders in Franc...

    sog35 said:
    Cook continues his world domination tour.

    What a man!
    What a CEO!

    Sarcasm only works if it's funny. 
  • Apple smashes expectations: record setting $78.4B in revenue on sales of 78.3M iPhones

    avon b7 said:
    nht said:
    Mac sales on the typically HIGHER END @ 5.4 million units.

    Take note, folks. 
    Not only that, Cook says that the Mac revenues set a new record.
    But they didn't bust the record by enough so obviously the new MBP was an epic failure.  Or at least thats what some folks will claim after saying for weeks that the mac revenues will be soft and just wait for the quarterly report. *cough*Avon*cough*.

    Amazingly services revenue is now about the size of Facebook's revenue...
    I hope that isn't a hacking cough you have there!

    I don't have much information on the results except for the Apple press release and some headline news so perhaps I have more questions than answers.

    All told, and certainly given the circumstances, I'd say the Mac unit got astonishing results.

    As I have said from the beginning, the proof would be in the pudding (these results) with regards the new MBPs. Not that they wouldn't sell (with the exception of the UK) but whether Apple would change its design goals. In other words, Apple would only change track if sales were impacted.

    You seem to have missed that so I will repeat it. If the new MBPs had sky rocketing sales then Apple would clearly not change anything.

    So, did they?  How many new MBPs were sold? Did they give any numbers?

    Remember, Phil Schiller came out (a few days after release) and went on record as claiming the new MBPs were best ever sellers. Lots of prickly details in what he was actually saying but these were seemingly hot scones. Great! (for Apple) But did they follow up on that yesterday and actually give any numbers on the sales performance of the new units? If only a casual reference in the Q&A? Even without breaking the numbers down.

    I haven't had time to look.

    Either way, the numbers are still amazing in my book because, with the exception of the MBPs, they were selling last year's machine's (late 2015) which is an epic fail and I sincerely hope they are taken to task at next month's annual shareholder meeting as you shouldn't be judged solely on your results but also on what you could have achieved but failed to do so. Going into your best quarter with last year's machine's obviously impacted that aspect.

    I read somewhere yesterday that a large amount of sales went to first time Mac buyers. I can't remember where but that is interesting.

    It begs the question, how many? And if the number is significant, where were the long time Mac users during this quarter?

    More questions than answers from what I've seen so far but I'm sure we will see more information seeping out in the coming days.

    Also, it was interesting to see that just yesterday,  HP’s Chief Technologist and VP, of Customer Experience and Portfolio Strategy said that, following extensive user surveying, they had decided to thicken some models, having reached the same conclusion as me. There are too many compromises involved in going too thin.

    Also of note is the fact that the new MBPs were heavily discounted just weeks after launch and again just yesterday, new offers of up to $600 off appeared. It's only anecdotal but if there is a backlog of orders, why the discounting?

    As for 'courageous' Apple, it really would be nice if they gave Apple Watch unit sales. If you provide unit info on other lines then do the same for the watch. The competitive advantage line doesn't holduch water now.

    With regards to the iPhone, again Apple can be pleased but I've been doing some digging and found that one of its biggest potential competitors (Huawei) is being kept at bay in the US for political reasons. On at least two occasions, US government committees have stepped in to quash major deals involving Huawei and US carriers. Supposedly on security grounds. Recent history has shown that when Huawei gets its networking technology to carriers, sales of its entire line take an important foothold. Huawei is a formidable beast and a bigger threat than Samsung going forward. 5G is coming and it will be hard to keep the iron curtain down forever. Trump may prove to be a key ally in that regard but sooner or later, Huawei will get clearance and get its infrastructure into the US. Perhaps not near term and surely post iPhone 8 but Apple would be unwise to think that the current situation will last forever.

    Ah, the desperation of the naysayer. :-D

    Oh no! Apple's Mac sales increased! It must be pent up demand (for a machine that, the naysayers claimed, no one would buy because it was too thin, it was short on memory, the ssd would burn out, the keyboard was crap, it didn’t' have touch screen, it wasn't as good as the Surface, it wasn’t as good as the Lenevo, it wasn't as good as the HP, it wasn't as good as the machines that Honest Bob puts together in his garage…)No! It must be a blip! It must be the extra week in the quarter! I need more evidence that'll fit what I want to hear! 

    And the reason? Because if Apple is successful then Apple will move further away from that eight-inch thick SCSCI port laden machine that they want them to produce. Because they can't have Apple moving towards the future when they are determined to stick with the past.

    And looking to HP for proof of Apple's market direction is about as desperate as you can possibly get. Of course they've reached the same conclusion as you, because you're the customer they're looking to grab. As I've said before, you've moved out of Apple's evolving customer base because you can't or won't evolve. HP has realised that they can make a load of sales of people who have moved out of Apple's core market, and that’s great news for everyone. Apple will continue to serve the younger, more adaptive, ever-evolving mobile market, and HP will pick up the folk who want fat machines with loads of wires sticking out everywhere. Trust me, it's a win win for everyone, you included.

    I'm looking forward to seeing what they come up with for their desktop machines. The only thing we know for sure is that you won't like it.

    I'm sorry, but the MacBeast isn't coming back, if it was ever here. Time to move on.

  • Apple provides new iOS design resources compatible with Photoshop and Sketch

    They do - in both the HI Guidelines and sample code ( e.g., controls).
    Don’t they violate their own guidelines in several places?
    Yes they do. That's why they're called 'guidelines' and not 'laws'. It's better to ignore the guideline if doesn't suit what you're trying to do in a way that benefits the user.