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  • Apple makes updates to Final Cut Pro X & iMovie for Mac

    ibgarrett said:
    Apple has flat-out given up on their software on the Macintosh platform. It used to be the iWorks and iLife packages were a "must have", now it's just given away as an afterthought... It's so frustrating.
    I've seen folk who haven't bothered to read the article, but this the first time I've come across someone who didn't make it to the end of the title. 
  • Retina MacBook Pro minus Touch Bar, iPad Pro Cintiq capability rumored in development

    jkichline said:
    I have to say that I've run into some troubles with my 2016 MacBook Pro.  I liked the keyboard, but I've found even the smallest piece of dirt can cause the keys tactility to change on those keys which confuses typing.  The up/down arrow keys are too small and I'd recommend that the right shift key be reduced to add a full size arrow key OR make the left and right keys the same size.  It's just hard to know which up/down key you're pressing.

    In addition, I'm finding the USB-C ports while nice, small and fast... are very apt to disconnect if I move the cable just a little.  You know that annoying thing when your leg would push the MagSafe and disconnect power? Yeah that... BUT if you have an external display hooked to it, it disconnects the display and then takes FOREVER to redraw the windows, etc.   I mean, just brushing the wire causes a disconnect.  It's REALLY annoying.

    I've also had numerous issues with the computer not going to sleep with the lid closed, or not be able to wake the laptop from sleep.  This has happened multiple times if I was away from the computer and it went to sleep on it's own.  I've had the TouchID stop working completely requiring manual password login (until I rebooted), and of course the power concern but I'm usually using development tools.  I also have issues with AirPods that still aren't fixed.

    Needless to say, I'm making a Genius Bar appointment once I have time to get it looked at, but I'm not expecting a whole lot.  This on a $3,300 laptop...
    Interesting. Definitely take that machine back. It sounds a bit broken. 

    You're right about the cursor keys. I've never gotten used to them.  

  • Apple sued by Australian regulator over 'Error 53' glitch, hardware repair practices

    John_20 said:
    Sorry guys, you really need to understand both Australian consumer law and what the issue really was. The two points at issue are the third party repair and the Error 53 and what caused it. As I understand it Australian consumer law allows repairs to be carried out by any qualified person, and that qualification is not limited to those the manufacturer deems as qualified. So in effect any qualified technician should be able to carry out a repair and not invalidate the warranty. The error 53 was as a result of the secure keys not matching in the OS and the FP reader. The fix takes about 30 seconds and simply reverifies the keys to enable secure comms between the sensor and the OS. In effect Apple was penalising people for not getting the phone repaired by Apple. What the ACCC is contending that this was unreasonable and indeed violated Australian consumer law. I suspect that the ACCC will succeed.
    So in this case, what is a 'qualified person'?

    As far as I understand it, you don't need to have the phone repaired by Apple, so it seems the law is really saying that anyone should be allowed to tamper with the phone whether they are qualified or not. Correct?
  • New Apple Park drone footage reveals occupied research and development building, landscapi...

    zoetmb said:
    Soli said:
    1) The R&D building has looked occurred all year.

    No, it looks ready for occupancy.  But if you look closer, there isn't a single thing on anyone's desk.   It really doesn't look like anyone is working there as yet.  

    Depends on what time of day the footage was shot. 

    If it was shot early morning or early evening then maybe folk aren't at work yet. 

    I've worked for a lot of companies that stipulate a 'clear desk' policy: at the end of the day you have to clear your workspace. This is to make sure that sensitive materials aren't left out to be photographed, and so the cleaners can wipe down the desks. 

  • Microsoft Word macro malware automatically adapts attack techniques for macOS, Windows

    MacPro said:
     I'm not totally clear, I assume you'd have to be running a Microsoft Office version for Mac? If so there is a simple solution for that. Or can this somehow get into macOS without running a Microsoft application such as opening a file from a Windows user on a Mac .  I reads as if this is the case. I'd love to know, I have employed many programmers I'm just not one so this is as clear as mud to me.
    Yes, they're VBA macros so you have to run MS Office to be affected.