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  • 2017 iPad vs. iPad Air 2 vs. iPad Air: What's new and different in Apple's latest tablet?

    I've been reading all of these comments and learning a lot.  Thank you!

    We have an older iPad - about 4 years old.  Does it make sense to get the new iPad or try to locate an iPad Air 2?
    I cannot tell from the comments about battery, screens, processor, etc.


    I'm on board with either this one, or the iPad Air 2 in your situation. There's give and take on both. The Air 2 pricing isn't settled -- but if you wait too long and you're looking for new, the market will make the decision for you as the Air 2 stocks run out.
  • Newly announced iPad coming 'next week' to Apple stores, other retail establishments

    xbit said:
    So were the rumours of updated iPad Pro models false then? Or are we still expecting a big announcement later in the year?
    There's enough smoke to indicate a fire on new iPad Pros. An event is likely later in the year.
  • Newly announced iPad coming 'next week' to Apple stores, other retail establishments

    So what's the difference between the iPad and the iPad Pro if you get the 128GB model? Same A9 chip, same 2GB RAM and same storage - yet the iPad Pro is $270 more expensive?
    The iPad Pro has the A9X (2934/4737 geekbench), which performs better than the new iPad (probably 2397/4013). 

    The Pro also has the Wide Color screen with the DCI-P3 color gamut, plus Pencil support.
  • 2017 iPad vs. iPad Air 2 vs. iPad Air: What's new and different in Apple's latest tablet?

    Anyone able to confirm whether the Touch ID is the one in the iPhone 6 or the one in the 6S, 6S is much faster.
    No way to tell today. It'll have to wait on a teardown.
  • New Apple 9.7-inch iPad aimed squarely at iPad 2 owners looking to affordably upgrade

    JeffKLass said:
    One wonders what the author means by his opening statement "While the rumored iPad Pro refresh has yet to happen ..." since Apple has just announced a REFRESHED 9.7" iPad Pro with an A9 chip and specs superior to the 12.9" Pro.  WTF is he talking about?  The major problem with Apple's iPads is that they are SO well built and last SOOOOO long that the market is kind of saturated with them.  Just about everyone I know owns from 2 - 5 iPads and they just keep working and working.  I own 2 iPad 1's (Wi-Fi only) --  yes, 1's -- and I use both absolutely every day for all sorts of things when I'm not on my MacBook Pro, iPhone, or iMac:  Wikipedia, IMdb, Amazon Prime, Netflix, YouTube, photo albums, iTunes music, reading books and magazines, weather, card games, TV Guide, and on and on.  They don't even have cameras but they're not missed since all my other devices have cameras.  Yes, they're stuck at iOS5 but none of the apps that I use seem to be bothered by that limitation so far.  I would like to get a new iPad and was hoping that Apple would be introducing a Pro model sized between the 9.7" and 12.9" models, that has all of the features of the just REFRESHED 9.7" Pro model, but it looks like that was just a wild-assed speculative rumor and is not likely to happen now.  I guess I'll be 'forced' to get the smaller iPad Pro with the A9 chip.  So then I'll have 3 functioning iPads. Darn ...
    The author meant exactly what he said. The iPad today isn't in Apple's "Pro" line and is specced accordingly. Both the 9.7- and 12.9-inch iPad Pros have the faster A9X processor.

    We are expecting a "Pro" refresh at some point this year, with that middle size that you're referring to.