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  • Chinese manufacturer gambles on new case based on alleged 'iPhone 8' schematics

    Even with the vertical camera people will still take vertical videos. Maybe it is brave and bold for Apple to fix "vertical video syndrome" /s

    In all seriousness, it's probably for left and right eye for AR/VR use.
  • Where to get tech news these days without political propaganda?

    maestro64 said:
    Find writers you like, and stick with them as best as you can, regardless of venue.
    Seems harder and harder to find tech writers that aren't liberal (which I have no problem with) and insist on cramming their political views on me in tech-related news (which I do have a problem with).

    Forgot to add to my list Daring Fireball. :(

    There use to be an old saying. may be it still used today, but it is most likely not PC. The saying was, those who can not do, teach. Think about that do you want to learn about a subject from someone who does not understand subject.

    Writers tend to fall into this class of people. They can not do, so they write about what they can not do. They only things they have is their ability to write and tell everyone else what they should care about. I worked in Tech for a long time and I worked on the inside of Tech companies and I have seen first hand the challenges to bring new technologies to market. I have seen the decision making and trade off discussions and understand why something works the way it does. Then you have these people who never step foot in a R&D facility telling everyone how to do a design better and what is more important. Even without writer's political views, most tech reviewers lack a real understanding about the topic they write about. They think because they read a book about some specific topic makes them a subject matter expert. I personally rather they present the facts and data and leave the commentary out. They can provide alternate solution but keep their opinions out. One things I learn in Tech, geeks have no clue what the balance of the world values, and any product you try to make work for everyone will fail everyone.

    The worse of the bunch are those Geeks who can not do, and decide to write about what they can not do. This group, does not realize the world is made up a wide variety  of personalities and not everyone see things like the Geek does.

    The issue I have today, is so many article are laden with opinions disguised as fact. I have to read a number of things before I can figure out what is the real facts and the important parts. At least I have the ability to read with a critical eye and healthy skepticism I feel bad for those who cannot. I can tell when something does not make sense or add up.

    Good luck trying to find a writer who does not believe their mission in life is to save you from the error of your way. It kind of reminds be of the Jehovah witness folks who use to come to me door and tell me they were there to save me from myself. I use to say them I did not realize God just knock on my door since he was the only one who could judge me. I would send them on their way, saying they need to go home and ask God's forgiveness for judging another person.

    You could try to be more insulting, but it probably wouldn't succeed.

    In the opinion of this writer, with 30+ years of actual experience with the tech scene including four Apple dealers and a stint in nuclear power, you are enormously full of crap.

    Back to the original point -- the key isn't venue. The key is finding a writer whose work you prefer. Tech (especially big tech) is so far intertwined with politics, that it's inescapable.
  • Amazon Echo Look and iOS app judges your wardrobe choices with machine learning

    greg uvan said:
    This reads like a piece from the onion. 
    I had to read the PR twice to be sure it wasn't a joke.
  • Keynote, Numbers, Pages iWork apps updated for both macOS and iOS

    I'm presently using Pages on my iPad Mini 2 as my main 'computer.' I'm really liking it. So much so, I'm considering getting the new iPad.

    It'd be a no brainer if it was offered in Rose gold.

    The new iPad does not work with Apple's Keyboard. Sad!
    Which one? The 2007, and 2009 ones work fine with mine. The original Apple Wireless Keyboard from 2003 does not, though.

  • Dutch judge rules Apple can't swap refurbished iPads for broken ones

    avon b7 said:

    I have also always taken issue with Apple reserving the right to use used components in repairs.
    Why? The "broken" boards go back to Apple, where they're examined for what the problem is. The problem components are then replaced, the part is tested, and sent out for service repairs.

    Who else can say "yeah, this part is new and ready to go" besides Apple? Nobody. Demanding new parts is utter folly, and forcing Apple to do so is wasteful and will drive consumer costs way up.

    As far as service replacements coming from new stock, yeah, that's dumb. Maybe if you have something with an infant failure in a month, but anything longer than that, and the mileage a customer puts on a product should render that null and void.