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  • 'iPhone 8' renders based on shaky diagram 'leaks' appear on Chinese social media

    That's why we waited, and looked into it before we talked about it.
  • Nvidia 1080ti with new drivers in external enclosure quadruples MacBook Pro native perform...

    zimmie said:
    PCIe throughput matters less than most people think for most GPU use. You can block off PCIe lanes with tape. On most GPUs in most games, there is no difference at all dropping it from 16 lanes to eight. When you drop to four lanes, you typically get longer loading times and a small framerate drop. Dropping to two lanes typically gives significantly longer loading times and >30% framerate drops.

    This can matter for OpenCL use, but it frequently does not. PCIe throughput is only really used getting your dataset into the video card's RAM and getting the result out. It will slow down some really trivial data manipulation, and it will be slower to work on datasets too large for the card's RAM. Anything which requires more than a few seconds to compute won't be meaningfully slower on an eight-lane or four-lane bus.
    I know less than nothing about computer architecture, so please forgive me if I misunderstood what @"Mike Wuerthele" wrote, but the impression I got is that the bandwidth limitation becomes an issue because the Thunderbolt 3 buss is a two-way street in this scenario. It has to carry both the instructions to the card AND all the pixel data back to the internal display. That's why performance was better when using an external display.

    Is my understanding correct or have I missed something?
    I believe Zimmie is more referring to this: "While the cards may be hamstrung slightly by the Thunderbolt 3 interface not being as fast as a 16x PCI-E slot, the results are nonetheless impressive."

    Your understanding is correct.
  • Breaking the trend: why Apple is likely to release both an 'iPhone 7s' and 'iPhone 8' this...

    What was the point of this piece? Seems to me like a rehash of everything that's been repeated ad nauseam, without any new information or insights whatsoever.
    As a reminder, not every article on AI is intended for the AI faithful. We do get a significant amount of "drive-by" traffic.
  • Nvidia reveals Mac Pro-compatible Titan Xp PCI-e GPU, macOS drivers for Pascal-based video...

    That's an an odd way of saying "it is compatible with an external PCIe solution."
    It only gets 60% of the throughput, though.
    macxpress said:
    Now if someone could give me $1200....It would be nice to also see the 1070 and 1080 available for the Mac as well.
    Doesn’t the existence of this mean that the 1000 series will work now, even if we have to hack the drivers in? I use a 980, too; I could have sworn the next line already worked.
    While I'm OOC for a few days, had to answer this. As per the article, the 1000 series cards based on Pascal will work for the first time after the driver ships.

    Without the Mac-specific EFI, there won't be a boot screen - the same as it's been if you use a reference card for the five years the drivers have been available. Whether or not Nvidia makes a Mac-specific EFI for the card isn't clear.
    tallest skil
  • Retina MacBook Pro minus Touch Bar, iPad Pro Cintiq capability rumored in development

    Rumor with no data backing it up. On the other side, in the Q new MacBook Pros went on sale, Apple's Mac ASP (average selling price) jumped to $1,348, a year-over-year increase of $78 or 6.1%--the highest Macs have reached since the March quarter, 2013. Refurbs didn't push ASP up. Thom Holwerda is not a credible source, and Marco Arment observes anecdotes, not global data. All very hard to swallow. There was a severe blogger-based anti-Pro campaign complaining about no "32GB laptops," followed by a surge in Mac sales at higher ASPs (than when those 2015 MPBs were sold new!), and so as a result Apple is going to ditch TouchBar? Super Stupid. What will happen is that Intel will drop new chips this year, MPBs will get a speed bump and capacity to address more memory. Apple should also work on a Thunderbolt solution for GPUs, either in an external expansion chassis (supporting them, if not selling) or a GPU-backed TB3 display, like an iMac without the CPU, and a GPU you can upgrade.
    I don't disagree.