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  • How Apple's 'iPhone 8' could improve battery life with 2-cell design, OLED screen

    paxman said:
    Battery technology is on the cusp of some pretty exciting changes, it seems...
    John Goodenough - 'His design uses a glass electrode instead of a liquid one, sodium instead of lithium, and may have three times as much energy density as lithium-ion batteries. The fact that these batteries don’t get as hot, charge faster and are cheaper than lithium, are real pluses as well.'   Goodenoughs Batteries

    The future of batteries. I didn't realize there were so many different technologies  brewing...  Future of batteries

    not to be a downer but theyve been on the cusp for years...lots of exciting press, perhaps to attract funding, but so far nothing. heres hoping.
  • Alleged 'iPhone 8' schematic shows wireless charging pad, no rear Touch ID

    ireland said:
    This was so obvious I predicted it. A fingerprint scanner on the middle of the back of the phone? Really? Has to be the worst design idea I've heard in recent times. And you know how to make it worse? Put your rear camera right beside it and give the housing the same shape as the scanner—surely that'll fuck with user's minds. It'll certainly distract them from the fact that they are holding a potential grenade.
    Agreed. Already in reviews of the latest Samsung they note that because the fingerprint sensor is right next to the camera that theyre accidentally putting their fingers over the camera and smudging it. Stupid design decision -- yet oddly these same reviewers give a glowing review based on how the device looks rather than how it actually works. As we know, design is also how a thing works.
  • Samsung, LG concerned by Apple's plans to replace OLED with micro-LED in 2017 Apple Watch ...

    avon b7 said:
    Soli said:
     I would like to see Samsung churn out new technologies when they will not have anything to copy from Apple as Apple won't be sourcing anything from them in the future!

    Like the below, right?

    1. Super Amoled display in Samsung Galaxy Nexus in 2011, copied from iphone 8/X in 2017

    2. Large screen display in Samsung Galaxy Note in Jan-2012, copied from iphone 6 in 2015

    3. Stylus support in Samsung Galaxy Note in Jan-2012, copied from iPad Pro in 2015

    4. Split screen multitasking in Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition (released in Nov-2013), copied from iOS 9 in 2015

    5. Waterproofing in Samsung Galaxy S5 in Mar-2014, copied from iphone 7 in Sep-2016 (instead of Sony Xperia Z from Jan-2013)

    6. UFS internal storage in Samsung Galaxy S6 in Jan-2015, copied from iphone 6S in Sep-2015

    7. Dual Pixel camera sensor in Samsung Galaxy S7, copied from yet to be released iphone

    8. UFS card slot in Samsung Galaxy S8, copied from yet to be released iphone

    1) So AMOLED is an innovation for CE that only Samsung can use otherwise it's copying? Does that mean using LCD or even a keyboard on a notebook means Samsung is copying Apple because Apple used it long before Samsung was making laptops? Of course you wouldn't think that so stop making stupid comments.

    2) Now a larger display is a Samsung invention? Do you not realize how stupid that sounds?

    3) If you're going to say that the iPad copied a smartphone then you have to go back to point two and say that the 2010 iPad came before he 2012 Note so that means that Samsung copied Apple's iPad on the Note. Again, you wouldn't say that either, because it sounds stupid.

    4) You really have no concept of what adding a feature is v stealing IP is, do you?

    5) Ah, the Galaxy S5 that had a door over the USB port when you wanted it to be waterproof and even then it failed miserably with many tests. Even now, Apple user promises and overdelivers with their waterproofing claims, and that's comparing to new Samsung devices.

    6) The last three too ridiculous to even consider trying to respond, but I hope that one day you understand the difference between saying you have a feature so you can put it on a spec sheet and actually taking the time to engineer HW and SW to make an excellent experience for the user. For rational people who care about technology, that makes all the difference.
    Samsung has brought far more to the consumer and professional markets than Apple ever will simply because Samsung is a sprawling conglomerate that makes untold kinds of devices. Technology from some devices will logically seep into others.
    I know you're a knockoff apologist who's purpose here is to criticize apple, but this is pure nonsense. Apple has been delivering to the CE space for 40 years, and their contributions have been far more impactful than Samsung. troll harder. 
  • Samsung, LG concerned by Apple's plans to replace OLED with micro-LED in 2017 Apple Watch ...

    baederboy said:
    So, what if the talk about a touch bar at the bottom of the phone was really a micro LED panel with the fingerprint sensor embedded in it;  and an OLED panel was the main screen? 
     And maybe the next generation of the MacBook Pro has a micro LED Touch Bar? 
    IMO, the Touch Bar is deader than dead. Pros rejected the new MacBook Pros and the Touch Bar didn't help their cause.
    How do you figure, considering the record Mac quarter? Just because Marco and his groupies in the techie-blogger echo chamber say so doesn't make it fact. 
  • Apple AI guru Tom Gruber speaks of artificial intelligence's 'inevitability' at TED