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  • Apple debuts first AirPods TV commercials, Apple Watch ad focusing on activity

    I like the 60 second spot. The shorter ones were not enough for my tastes.

    After 1 week with the AirPods and my iPhone 6s:
    Pros: convenience, fit, stay in ears, freedom from wires, sound quality, case with battery, tiny size
    Cons: disconnects from phone calls when using 2 AirPods; frequent brief sound-dropouts during music playback

    Others on the Apple Support forum have reported similar cons. Hopefully Apple can fix these with a software or firmware distribution (no hardware replacement). We all love the AirPods design and just want them to work as advertised.
    Interesting. I have not had those problems, I use mine 5 days a week for a 1.5 hour gym visit, and then for work calls on & off during the day.

    The only problem I had was my first pair drained while inactive way too quickly; second pair doesn't do it -- w/ full pods at bedtime, the case loses about 2% over 8 hours of sleeping. 
  • Apple debuts first AirPods TV commercials, Apple Watch ad focusing on activity

    cincymac said:
    Black version will be nice too. To me white stands out a but too much ..
    I feel that we can use finger nail polish to paint the air pods. Has anyone done it? Care to share a photo?
    Yeah good luck with that.  :s
  • Apple culture of secrecy claimed to cause Swift lead's exit, but Chris Lattner denies repo...

    scottkrk2 said:
    Apple's place in the world has changed, under Steve Jobs Apple was an innovator and a leader, now it has become a follower with a great legacy of design, retail, engineering and supply chain management that Jobs built up over a decade.

    Apple management needs to change it's approach to adapt to its new place in the world and ditch the secrecy.

    PS Could someone please tell Phil Schiller that he is not channeling Steve Jobs or being 'courageous' by dropping 3.5mm headphone on the iPhone 7 (Apple should have waited to next year's new design), neither was ditching USB-A ports, magsafe, etc on the new MBP (should have just replaced the two TB ports with USBC/TB3 ports).
    Sour grapes nonsense. Apple isn't following with the best smartphone, tablet, notebooks, desktops, payment system, smartwatch, and now wireless headphones. Each of these devices has a mind-blowing amount of hardware engineering innovation, much of it invisible from the outside and thus overlooked by most. And you cite supply chain management but you do realize they're still king of JIT supply chain and Cook brought that.

    But oh, not enough legacy USB ports. Uh huh.
  • Tesla hires architect of Apple's Swift as VP of Autopilot Software

    GaryB said:
    This is stunning! Especially as Swift is just getting going. This is not good news for Apple and developers that use Swift!
    Why is it not good news? Is Apple going to stop Swift work? Drop all support? No and no. Projects like Swift aren't dependent on one man alone.
  • Tesla hires architect of Apple's Swift as VP of Autopilot Software

    FWIW: He's not a Software Guru. He's a compiler researcher Post-Doc. Completely different boats.
    What? He's designing and building the software that enables other developers to write software with. Are you honestly suggesting he's not a software guy? How long have you worked with him personally? Never?