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  • Bloomberg attacks Apple TV as failing to be "a groundbreaking, iPhone-caliber product"

    avon b7 said:
    razormaid said:
    We were led to believe after 3 years and Steve's dying breath uttered "I solved the TV interface blah blah" statement, that we WERE expecting a "breakthrough" product through TV 4 

    Far from it - starting with: out of the box NOT being able to get sound. Can you say 2016 MacBook Pro "Touch Bar"?  Yep this nonsense of "nothing you have will now connect" started waaaaaaay back with TV alienating users ability to use their current devices. Come on... no sound is a big one no matter how much you now like TV 4. And to top it off the "fix" was NOT something you could just drive to BestBuy and buy, no it was so unique you had to order it online and wait for it to arrive?

    And all of this hassle was created because they removed the audio port for... yep you guessed it a USB-C port, but not because you could use it it was ONLY in case you had to bring it to the genus bar for repair. They removed the optical sound port for Genius Bar to get access to something that MIGHT break?  Well that's not a vote of confidence no matter what you think?

    ok that's that. 

    Next up the interface:  you have other boxes having the ability to stream and play 4K video - something Apple claimed was too "nitche" to even consider? This from the same company that took 5 years to get us 1080p on TV?  Hello?  Has no one at apple been to a Costco the past 2 -3 years??  The 4k TV's have been out for 3 "non computer upgrade cycles" at least . 

    So the new mac has 4 USB-C only because we need to "stay ahead of the curve", and no headphone jack on iPhone 7 (same reason) but they release a tv box specifically for a TV that doesn't offer something that's been on a tv for 2-3  years??  That shows me a lot about the team running its development of this device. 

    And then the user interface. Since the moment it was released, as a developer and beta tester I have bitched and complained about the scrolling options when looking at your OWN movies. One slight tiny movement of the finger throws you out of the "TITIES" column into the "UNWATCHED" column or "GENRES" column - then when you try to go back to where you were ("I almost made it to the letter "D") it makes me start over and over and over back to the letter "A". Seriously?  How hard would it be to make it an actual dedicated "non jumping" column for each topic?  One you stay in while scrolling downwards?  What a pain in the ass. And each beta request was met with "please send screen shots were not sure what you're describing?"  WTF?  Oh I sent screen shots but they ask I describe what each screen shot was for. So I made a damn movie and then I never heard from them ever again until one day I got a notice "this ticket is now closed as a dupicate@. When I asked what that meant I was told "weee not at liberty to discuss this". Huh?

    And it took 19 months to come up with even a slight "fix"?  Now at least when it "jumps columns", it At least tries to get closer to where you were in the 26 letter alphabet, but I hardly find this scrolling option "state of the art" or "groundbreaking". My 8 year old kid who mastered wii at 3 with smaller hands has no advantage either. Over and over he yell "Dad I can't get to Scooby-Doo it keeps jumping columns around "F" can you come do this?

    Now before someone jumps in and says "just use Siri!"  Yeah about that... Siri won't search through your shit, only things you bought from Apple. So why can't she search the drive connected to my Mac providing me with my 2,000+ bluray movie library? The iPhone the Mac itself - know how to search. How come the groundbreaking  TV 4 cant?  At least that would be a workaround around the scrolling column disaster. 

    Ill stop there. Trust me there's much more to go on about. 

    So before we totally attack this asshole - and yes he is an asshole - consider that after a 3 year wait and death of our beloved CEO this is what they have given us?  And now we're heading on it's 2 year anniversary of its release and still no resolve to these two main issues?  Sorry but this (TV 4) was then and in many aspects still is a mess compared to other tv boxes out there. 

    I love Apple. They are MY company but they are making some really bizarre decisions and doing more alienating their users (regarding requests for things WE want and need) then they are providing groundbreaking releases. I'm just one man with an optinion but is it too much to ask once you enter a column you stay in that column?  Imagine EXCEL jumping columns while scrolling but instead of other columns in the same document it starts scrolling through other documents instead. What a mess that would be!  How is this different?  Why aren't they fixing it along with Siri finding our stuff connected to the device?  "Either purchase it from us or screw you?"  That's the new apple?
    I feel your pain. When I realised it didn't even want to try and play anything that wasn't in an approved format and had a limited remote to navigate a limited interface I quickly lost the will to search for workarounds.
    ATV supports the video formats Apple has always supported. They arent going to support MKV or whatever formats torrented content uses. But it's real darn simple to download the Plex app on your ATV and get stream any and all of it. 
  • Review: BeatsX are Apple's most affordable W1 wireless headphones

    mtbnut said:

    BeatsX are Apple's most affordable W1 wireless headphones

    How many W1 wireless headphones are there to choose from? Fifty? Or just two? 

    - AirPods
    - BeatsX
    - PowerBeats
    - Beats Solo 3 twice as many as you thought, thus the headline is accurate.
  • Matte black iPhone 7 owners complain to Apple about chipping paint finish

    It looks like someone counts on people buying automotove touch-up paint somewhere. Not the quality of Apple products I remember from 12 years ago. Perhaps do proper anodizing black instead of painting. The old techniques really worked.
    O rly? We didn't have iphones in our pockets 12 years ago, but we did have ipods -- you don't remember the scuff complaints? The supposed fault with the nano? I do. 
  • Apple hires former head of Amazon's Fire TV unit to lead Apple TV operations

    No, the ATV is not mediocre. As a platform it's great. the apps are solid. Plex is killer. TV app with single sign on is for sure the future of watching TV, I'd never use a cable box again. The remote has room for improvement, but swipe-scrubbing is way better than button cycling. The instant-thumbnails during scrubbing is a first. Siri controls such as "what did he say?" for instant rewind + temporary closed captions is a killer feature, and Siri searches for content and apps is great. And using my AirPods at night is nice. 

    So no, nothing mediocre about it. 
  • Apple granted patent for 'dual mode' headphone that doubles as a speaker

    eriamjh said:
    Since any headphone is just a speaker, Apple just patented an external way of detecting position and then amount up the volume to switch from headphone to speaker.  

    Sorry.  This is not an invention.  This is pathetic.  
    No, trolling is pathetic. 

    Patents are for implementations, not ideas. You can't (or shouldn't) get a patent for "flying car", but you can patent how your anti-grav turbine device works. Thus this patent isn't for the idea, but how they did it.