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  • Apple rival Samsung forecasts high profits despite Note 7 fires & political scandals

    sog35 said:

    Hope the iPhone8 at least matches it on hardware design. Frankly the iPhone6, 6s, and 7 has fallen behind hardware design (the way the product looks) compared to Samsung. Kinda sucks.  Apple should have the best designs, but frankly that has not been true since the iPhone6.  have no idea what Ive does, but his iPhone designs have been CRAP lately.
    You continue to show ignorance about what design means. Good design is not just how something looks, but how it works. Last year Walt Mossberg said how good the Note 7 looked, but we all know how well it (didn't) work. 

    “Most people make the mistake of thinking design is what it looks like. People think it’s this veneer – that the designers are handed this box and told, ‘Make it look good!’ That’s not what we think design is. It’s not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” -Steve Jobs
  • Retina MacBook Pro minus Touch Bar, iPad Pro Cintiq capability rumored in development

    entropys said:
    Apple's going to ditch the touchbar when it hasn't even been on the market for a year? Yeah no. The things pros complained about with the new MBP was RAM and ports, neither of which have anything to do with the touchbar. My guess is we're going to hear all sorts of bogus rumors from people allegedly in the know. Btw, Marco Arment doesn't have any inside information he just guessed that Apple's decision on the Mac Pro was recent (hence why no date on when we'll see a new one).

    I think the only thing truly legit with these rumors is Apple got an earful from some "pro" consumers and they have to course correct. Alex Lindsey, who is on Macbreak Weekly said he'd prefer it if Apple got out of the Mac hardware business and let someone else do it. I think that's nuts. 
    I agree, the touchbar will be around for at least three years, and it wasn't the thing people complained that much about in comparison to ports and RAM.  But I would add price.  
    If Apple thought USBC only was the future, it should have used the strategy where it was the only ports on a consumer device first (like the original iMac did with USB), not a machine people have to make their living off. Perhaps a cheaper education oriented device. They could have called it a MacBook Air or something.
    RAM ditto. People should not be constrained by using a Macbook Pro to make their living off in comparison with Apple's competitors. 
    I'm confused by your position. Are you saying pros who make their living on the MBP won't plug in an adapter if they need it for some reason? 

    RAM "issue" is not a issue. Maybe somebody has an outlier use case, but for most mobile users this guy has it covered:

    ...if you need to run more than that at once, you need a desktop. 
  • Apple plans new iMac configurations targeting pro users for later this year

    This is Apple's response to many pro users complaints, make a "pro"version of the iMac. Oh boy, unless they are redesigning it so the user can easily add at least a second flash storage drive or upgrade the RAM in all versions of iMac. (instead of only the 27" 5K iMac as it exists today) Allowing for the GPU's to be easily upgradable or eliminating currently used ports for the futuristic ports (USB-C/TB3 ports) without any consideration of a transitional period.  Apple will only be doing what it always does to shut up their pro customers. This is a stop gap measure for them. All Apple is doing is adding to an existing brand a "Pro" version in name only. Apple added the "Pro"moniker to the iPad Pro and only did minor improvements to it. The current 2016 Macbook Pro is just a glorified  rendition of the Macbook. It is basically a stripped down version of what  a Macbook Pro is supposed to be. It just has 3 more USB-C ports than the current Macbook. People do not fall for Apple's scam.   
    Nonsense. MBP is selling very well according to Schiller, so I guess people are pretty happy with them. 

    Don't like Macs? Don't buy one. Pretty simple.
  • All-new Mac Pro with modular design, Apple-branded pro displays coming in 2018

    sog35 said:
    rfrmac said:
    Let me tell you what this shows me.  Apple has completely forgotten about the iMac, Mac Mini and Mac Pro lines for years.   When I read that something like this will not be ready until next year what else can one think?  We may get a new iMac in the Fall to Winter of this year.  Seeing is believing.  And announcements like this that are given just to try to hold the market.  But that has been it. What has Apple been doing for the last 3 now 4 years?  It certainly hasn't been doing desktop computers.  Tim? what have you been doing?  All we've heard from you is words when it comes to desktop computing.  You don't "love" the Mac.  The only reason you've started to do something now is because of competitive pressure and product linkage.  You've never really cared about the Mac users.  You're great at opening markets and distributor pipelines but you've failed miserable when it comes to computers.  The iPhone and things that hook to the iPhone are the only places I've seen an innovation in for years.  But who cares, I'm only one voice.  The  only reason many of us are still here is the operating system.  With all the billions and billions in the bank and you can't find any money for engineers and product people to really push the Mac to where it should be is a crying shame.
    The Mac is a DYING and SHRINKING platform. PERIOD. 

    There is no way you can deny it.

    Has Cook let the Mac line rot? Yes. And he had a good reason. Because the Mac is not the future. iPad/iPhone/Wearables are the future. So don't expect Apple to put large resources into the Mac. It just isn't worth it.

    Its like investing big money into a cruise ship that is sinking. Facts are facts. Less and less people are using PC's everyday. 10 years from now PC use will be about half of what it was at peak PC. 

    Yes, Apple is updating some Macs the next 2 years. But the only reason they are doing that is to ease the transition from Mac to iOS. In 10 years its pretty much undisputable that the Mac will be just like the iPod today.
    Wrong. Mac sales grew in 2016 and have been growing in general. From the people in the room (DF):

    "My takeaway is that the Mac’s future is bright. Mac sales were up in 2016, once again outpacing the PC industry as a whole, and the new MacBook Pros are a hit, with sales up “about 20 percent” year over year. The Mac is a $25 billion business for Apple annually, and according to the company there are 100 million people in the active Mac user base worldwide.

    Yes, those numbers are all peanuts compared to the iPhone, but everything is peanuts compared to the iPhone.

    Ternus put it plainly: “Some of our most talented folks are working on [the Mac]. I mean, quite frankly, a lot of this company, if not most of this company, runs on Macs. This is a company full of pro Mac users.”"

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  • Samsung's Galaxy S8 facial recognition feature defeated with digital photo

    capasicum said:
    konger said:
    Apple has never innovated, it only steals or buys ideas from other companies (cough Xerox, yeah, your first breath was stolen).
    I think you will have to read way more on the history of IT. Apple is the only company to get the Xerox technologies as part of a business deal. Everybody else stole it, starting with Microsoft.

    Actually, there are quite a few talks by Alan Kay on Youtube, I suggest you watch them all. What he says in brief is that all those technologies currently attributed to Xerox were 10-15 years in development, way before Xerox PARC was even established. Take a look at the Augmented Research Center (ARC) and what has been developed there.

    The rest of the claimed thefts are as real as that one.
    More, from one of the guys in the room:,_Apple_and_Progress.txt
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