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  • Tips and tricks for using Apple's Powerbeats3 headphones

    mac-daddy said:
    wlym said:
    For me, these have been really disappointing headphones, terrible at staying connected to my Apple Watch and almost impossible to reconnect once the connection drops (in the middle of a run usually). I'm on my 3rd replacement pair and now, after hours of trouble-shooting, I just wish I could have my money back. These aren't cheap. Before buying, take a look at the overwhelmingly negative reviews on Apple's website: constant disconnections, easily breakable, not sweat-proof are the main complaints.
    Not the headphones problem, it's your Watch. Terrible product with major bluetooth issues. 
    Not a terrible product at all. Wear mine every single day since Day 1, get quite a bit of value out of it.
  • Apple captured 540% the profits of Samsung Mobile in 2016 as China's phone makers battled ...

    I don't remember Apple fans/customers being so obsessed with how much profit the company was making in the past. Why is that so important now?
    Why does Apple profit bother you so much?

    Profit is the air corporations breathe. It is a metric of their health and success. It is what enables all action. Thus it is highly relevant metric when discussing Apple. Their record profit should explain to you why they do the things they do, and why these things are often different than what other companies do or what vocal critics whine about them not doing. 
  • Editorial: The future of Apple's Macintosh

    jim w said:
    I love my both of my 2013 Mac Pros. Let us know there will be future ones. But for God's sake bring back Aperture. Apple's lackadaisical approach to Pro software is reprehensible. Photos is a complete waste of time. A snapshot shoebox. I have 100's of thousands of photos in Aperture. What do you expect me to do? I have bought 4 high end Macs in the last 2 years that will run Aperture, and I will not buy another unless it will run Aperture, or a new app with all of it's capabilities that will open Aperture libraries with full functionality. 5-10 years easy these Macs will last me. Total of seven that run it. Try that on your bloody iPad. 
    Sorry bro but Aperture ain't coming back. Migrate to another tool already. And it needn't be on an ipad, other tools run great on Mac. 
  • Apple retail chief Angela Ahrendts to speak at April's Global Retailing Conference

    g-news said:
    Topic of her speech: How to alienate your most loyal customer base in three easy steps.
    Guess you need to stop by my local store -- swamped. Every. Day. 

    Here's what I realized long ago -- the vocal whiners on rumor sites aren't as important as they think they are. And despite all the whining, none of them have "switched" after [latest techie injustice!].
  • All of Apple's 2017 iPhones will include fast charging via Lightning port, not USB-C

    "a copy of which was obtained by AppleInsider" "obtained", do they mean subscribe to his newsletter? not understanding this.