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  • Lion's share of Apple's revenue expansion after 'iPhone 8' expected from services growth

    I think transportation-as-a-service is eventually going to be a big deal, too, though it's pretty hard to discern how Apple will participate in that. I had imagined that project Titan would result in Apple-designed, owned, and operated self-driving electric cars that could be summoned from an iPhone. The rumor mill makes it sound like Apple's efforts to do their own car might not be working out, but it's hard to tell what is working out. 

    Perhaps Apple will end up having a built-in transportation app on the iPhone home screen that allows users to hail a self-driving car from a variety of partners. It could be kind of cool to open up the Transportation app and decide that today I'd like to be driven to work by a Tesla, tomorrow a Mustang. 

    But anyway... however it plays out, I'm sure Apple will try to participate in the transporation-as-a-service market, and that market will be huge. 
  • In final days in office, Obama's White House uses words of Steve Jobs to woo techies

    Hodar0 said:
    And these people, who are no smarter than you, write policies that bind you, limit you, restrict you, and punish you for any infraction for how you do you job. These policies are now a primary defining method of monitoring you perform your job, and they are inflexible. In Gov't, you sacrifice economic growth potential, for job security. You sacrifice freedom of defining your career path, the way you define your job, how you do your job, for security. You are now a cog, in a very large, slow moving and inflexible system.

    None of the above needs to be true!  The agency is part of the Administration which is lead by the POTUS -- the only person in Government who is answerable to all the people of the United States.
    None of it needs to be true regardless of agency. 

    I interact with federal employees on a fairly regular basis, both those near the top of the bureaucracy and occasionally with political appointees. Some are great, some are terrible, and there are plenty in between. The thing that they all face -- and which may skew the distribution more in the direction of "terrible" than we might like as taxpayers -- is that one of the two major parties in the US is as opposed to the existence of the federal government as some of our nation's worst enemies. Imagine working for a company where a majority of the board of directors hates the company and wants to shut it down. Probably kind of demoralizing, don't you think?
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  • In final days in office, Obama's White House uses words of Steve Jobs to woo techies

    How odd.  I'm sure other IT folks in the federal bureaucracy are thrilled when the US Digital Service comes sticking their noses into whatever IT project they are working on.  This is a unit "of the White House" but surely they work somewhere else.  I've poked around their website and I can't find any answers about who runs the show, but it looks bigger than I expected (at least from the group photo).

    Oh, I don't know about that. In fact, I could imagine that in many cases they might appreciate the attention and help in overcoming obstacles that are beyond their control.
  • In final days in office, Obama's White House uses words of Steve Jobs to woo techies

    Steve Jobs was a great man. 
  • Rumor: Apple's trio of new iPads may not launch until second half of 2017

    MplsP said:
    2nd half of '17 would put the refresh for the 12.9" iPad Pro at close to or even more than 2 years, something they've never done with iPads, so barring significant supply issues, I can't see them doing that.
    Yes, but now they have put "Pro" at the end of the name. That's the kiss of death for timely updates.