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  • Tim Cook says Apple in China for long haul, touts job creation in new interview

    securtis said:
    Meanwhile....Microsoft just released a special govt. friendly version of windows 10 to assuage the Chinese govt. Qualcomm, IBM, Cisco have all had to make special "partnerships" in order to continue making money there. If I were Apple I'd be careful investing too much in China. Their leadership is just too mercurial to trust. 
    One could say the same about the United States and Europe. No country has the rock solid stability that the US and Britain once had at their peaks. 
  • Marriott likely to decide on Apple Siri or Amazon Alexa for hotels later this year

    It will be very interesting to see which way they go here. 

    One advantage of using an iPad (as in the new, less expensive one) is that voice isn't the only interface option, you've also got that touch screen. Even if Alexa has advantages over Siri, a voice-only interface inherently has a big disadvantage relative to a system that combines voice and touch screen. 
  • In possible last gasp for iPad mini, Apple increases capacity to 128GB for $399

    sog35 said:
    wood1208 said:
    Apple knows better but would have been good to keep ipad mini at 32GB or 64GB and reduce price under $300

    Apple hates the iPad Mini. That is a fact. Why?

    1. Margins suck. Really does. Shrinking the ipad does not make it cheaper to make
    2. Don't sell enough units. So costs go up
    3. It canibalizes iPhone Plus - this is the main reason. Apple does not want the Mini at $399 to canibalize iPhone Plus at $769. It just isn't good business

    If sales of the Mini drop again this year, I will not be surprised if they just drop the Mini altogether.

    Now look at next year. Apple will be releasing the iPhone X1 Plus. That will have a screen size over 6 inches. At that point the Mini is not needed at all.
    Tim Cook used to say that "never fear canibalizaiton" was part of Apple's core philosophy. That is, they wouldn't cancel a product because it was taking sales from another Apple product. 

    If you're right, then that means a core part of what makes Apple has changed, and in a way that I don't think is good. 
  • In possible last gasp for iPad mini, Apple increases capacity to 128GB for $399

    Apple appears to be cutting off its niches to spite its cost structure. 

    The iPad Mini might not be a huge seller, but my impression is that kids (and perhaps small-handed people of all ages) really like the iPad Mini. 

    For a company that has used "ecosystem" as the metaphor for its business model, they might want to think more carefully about the unintended consequences of mass extinctions. 

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  • Apple's iPhone slipping in China because company won't adapt, says Oppo & Vivo founder

    There are certainly ways in which Apple does need to "adapt" to do better in some markets. 

    But cutting prices on existing products is very rarely what I would want to see Apple do. They usually price things appropriately.

    I wonder what Mac marketshare is in China.... I'll hazard a guess that it's pretty low. For me, having both iDevices and Macs makes the entire Apple ecosystem much more appealing. If I wasn't a Mac user, the iDevices would be far less sticky for me. 
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