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  • Apple captured 540% the profits of Samsung Mobile in 2016 as China's phone makers battled ...

    I don't remember Apple fans/customers being so obsessed with how much profit the company was making in the past. Why is that so important now?
    Your memory might be off. Back in the late 90s people were obsessed with the profit numbers because the profits were so small, and people were worried about Apple's ability to remain an independent company. I remember a sequence of quarters when the only thing that kept Apple's profits above 0 was the sale of ARM stock. 

    Then with the iPod, the expanding profits were a huge relief for fans of the company. 

    Then with the iPhone fueled profit expansion, the relief turned to euphoria and disbelief. 
  • Editorial: The future of Apple's Macintosh

    Rayz2016 said:
    blastdoor said:
    Several points:

    1. The opportunity cost to investing in the Mac is low. Apple has a ton of cash and most of it sits earning 1%. The Mac is certainly more profitable than that. 

    2. The PC market might be stagnant, but the Mac market is much bigger than it used to be. Back in 2009 (I pick that year because it's when I bought my Mac Pro), Apple sold fewer Macs than they do today yet they did a better job of keeping a diverse product line up to date. 

    3. The Mac might represent a smaller share of Apple's revenue and profit, but it creates big positive externalities. For some of Apple's highest income, most engaged and loyal users, the Mac is the center of the Apple ecosystem. If Apple alienates those users and drives them to Windows or Linux, then those users might find that the rest of the Apple ecosystem makes less sense with the Mac. So then it's not just a loss of a Mac sale, it's a loss of several other products. Since those users tend to be Apple evangelists, it also has spill over effects to other users. 

    4. If Apple made an effort with the Mac Pro, the Mac Pro could utterly dominate the workstation market. It's essentially the most user-friendly Unix workstation ever built, and with Apple's technological capabilities it could also be the most powerful workstation on the market. The Mac Pro could be the realization of what NeXT was trying to do all those years ago, but so much better because it's in the context of a larger ecosystem. 

    Bottom line for me -- the Mac Pro right now is a big missed opportunity. It's sad. 

    1. There are a number of reasons why Apple is sitting on a massive pile of cash: stellar sales; superior supply-chain management; tax avoidance measures; wisely deciding where to spend their money. The last one is very important. What Apple knows, and you don't, is what return they will get for the investment. They have the precise figures going back years; all you have is a gut feeling coloured by your own bias and wishes.

    2. Apple did a better job of keeping up because there more advancements back then than there are now. Even Intel isn't as focussed on their desktop line as they used to be. Why do you think they're looking for alternative revenue sources such as comm chips?

    3. You're living in the past. This notion that loyal professionals have been keeping Apple afloat is no longer true. The Mac doesn't drive people to the iPhone. The iPhone drives people to the Mac. The kind of customers that Apple has today do not sit in forums listening to the old timers going on about how good the Mac is and then decide to go and try an iPhone. That just doesn't happen, sorry. You lot are vocal, but I'm afraid that you're not the majority of Mac customers, and as I've already said, Apple's core market gets its information from elsewhere.

    4. Yes, they could utterly dominate the workstation market, but what would be the point? There's so few people that need a workstation these days. The developers I know are happy with the their Mac laptops. If they need server level power then they'll start a remote connection to one. No need to lug a server around with you, or have one cooking your feet under your desk.

    Bottom line? The IT world has changed, and lots of people here are pretending it hasn't.

    The voice of fanboy rationalization for an obvious failure. Very sad. 
  • Apple's iPhone drops to fifth place in Chinese smartphone market

    At least for me, much of the value of Apple's products depends on the ecosystem. 

    I wonder if many Chinese are not yet in a position to appreciate the value of that ecosystem, or if perhaps the ecosystem isn't as fully developed in China. 
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  • Fifth generation of Apple TV to bring 4K compatibility, little else - report

    ATV 4 was a missed opportunity. 

    If they really are pushing services, then they should view the ATV hardware as break-even, and put the best SOC in there they can to support not just 4k video but also better games. The ATV 4 should have had the A9X. 

    This next one ought to have the A10X. 

    The games don't have to run at 4k -- fine for them to be mostly 1080p -- but with an A10X (and other more game friendly specs -- more RAM, more local storage) the AppleTV could be a pretty decent game console at a low price, in addition to all the other functions it can serve. 

  • Apple's W1-equipped BeatsX earphones now available to purchase after months-long delay

    The C-net review is pretty positive:

    It's a slightly better review than the AirPods:

    But not quite as positive as for Bose soundsport: