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  • No, an LTE-equipped Apple Watch will not come with a physical SIM card

    well first of all, there is no real legitimate reason to include LTE in a watch. all you need is 3G. AT&T says for a watch you do not need more then 50 mb a month! second of all, if they go apple sim, then that means its just going to be like the iPad. and Verizon will want none of that. and no one on verizon will be able to use it. so you will need to have a regular sim card slot. you are free to express your own opinions on your insider website , but lets deal with the facts. and lets be realistic.
    LTE utilizes a global standard (although across different bands in different countries), where as 3G was split between UMTS and CDMA (your Verizon example).  LTE is also more power efficient.  Given the LTE deployment state, there is no need for Apple to support the older 3G technologies on a device category like Apple Watch.

    No compelling reason for a cellular Apple Watch to support voice - data only would support 90+% of all use cases (supporting voice via VoLTE, FaceTime, Skype, etc...).
  • Apple 'stepping up' development of augmented reality glasses, moving towards consumer devi...

    That AR is more near term than Apple automotive ambitions isn't much of a revelation.  There could be some AR functionality on the new iPhones this year.

    As for AR is something I believe will be viable at some point, but am not convinced that 2018 is the year.  There just seems to be so many issues to solve, not the least of which is the "social acceptance" of it.  Style - in the sense that at least a few 10's of millions would consider wearing them - is paramount.  Addressing privacy concerns is next.  Then you get into battery, application response, how to display the information so it is helpful but not distracting, doesn't make the user nauseous, etc.  Just doesn't seem solvable in a year.
  • Apple's 2017 iPad vs. 2016 9.7" iPad Pro: Which model is right for you?

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    Jeff C said:
    I think the choice is clear. Do you need an Apple Pencil or the color gamut for your work as an artist? Do you want handwritten notes? Buy a Pro. Everyone else should buy an iPad and save the scratch. The world of people who can use an IPad as a "laptop replacement" is small and is largely populated by retirees, small children and people who just surf the web and never use a complicated spreadsheet. The lower price iPad opens that world up and also keeps it as a more viable choice to buy for kids. Though giving up on the mini basically cedes that to Amazon where $50 gets you a crap-in-comparison tablet that is actually amazing because you can hand it to a four-year-old and not care. Most of us are not tech writers with access to the bleeding edge. The new iPad is going to be a nice replacement for those with an original iPad, 2,3,4 or maybe Air who are thinking "It is time for a new one do i still need... $329. OK let me just explain this to the wife in a way that makes it sound important. I should use the old iPad more to make it look like I need one." Normal people cannot justify an $800-$1,000 iPad (either base or all in with keyboard and pencil) when you can now grab a MacBook Air for the same price or a MacBook for just a few hundred more. Meanwhile for a growing segment of the population that just browses the Web and uses Facebook the phone works just fine. I just hope Apple wakes up, either adds more true multitasking and power abilities to the Pro's or concedes they are not laptops, they cannot grow the mac business charging more and more for less and they find a way to bring Mac prices down to reality so they can grow the user base and be more than an iPhone company for years to come. They are losing the top part of the market who don't want toy computers and the bottom part that can get a $300 Windows laptop a couple of minutes after ogling the nice MacBooks hidden in the corner of Best Buy.
    I have an iPad Air 2 and if you all you are doing is watching movies/tv/web surfing/or email it's a great machine.   And I think that this new iPad is also a great machine that will hopefully get people into pads.   

    As great of a machine that the iPadPro may be for artists with the Pencil.   Its' not going to motivate me to upgrade.    If they add mouse support to the Pro then I will definitely upgrade.    Apple needs to expand the reach of the Pro to more users.

    Just want to point something out here. The Pencil is a pointing device. Like the mouse or trackpad on your "Desktop" computer it can be used for fine selection that your fat finger is not capable of doing. This make the iPad Pro a much more capable device for a lot more than just "artists". And along with a keyboard, it becomes just as useful as any laptop. People can't seem to grasp the fact that the reason their "computers" are better is because of the devices used to interact with them and it's the same reason Apple does not sell Macs with touch screens.
    Its because the Pencil is a pointing device that I think it would be relatively easy for Apple to add mouse support to the iPad.    Apple has already release the smart connector keyboard for the iPad.   Using a mouse for pointing when typing seems just more natural, more normal that stopping to be picking up and dropping then pencil.
    Funny how so many want mouse support for the iPad for use with a keyboard, as they don't want to raise arm to touch the screen....

    ...but also demand that Apple build a touch screen Mac, as they say touching the screen is more natural than using the mouse / trackpad
  • Apple's iPhone, Samsung phones nearly equal in J.D. Power satisfaction survey

    Clearly having your phone catch fire / banned from flights / recalled / shutdown doesn't impact customer satisfaction.

    Good to know.
  • Apple investigating accessory that turns iPhone, iPad into full-fledged touchscreen laptop...

    I always wondered about the logic of purchasing and then lugging around 2 separate computer systems that do essentially the same functions and the only real difference being screen size?
    ...   Carrying an Apple Watch and an IPhone -- that's ok and it's not what I'm talking about.

    But carrying an IPhone and an IPad and a MacBook are just totally, absolutely redundant. Almost a crazy kind of stupid.  They each are supporting:  systems board, batteries, memory and processors that are each capable of doing what the other formfactor is doing.   The only real difference is screen size and external keyboard & touchpad.  

    So, OK!  Let's Do This!  It's time to leave the 20th century!

    But, there is another, more important reason:  Apple is getting killed by the Chromebook.   Parents, schools and kids simply don't want to shell out $2,000 when $200 gives them what they need.   But, they all carry IPhones.   By plugging them into a light, thin, dumb terminal that supplies a large screen and professional quality keyboard you have everything you need at less than the cost of a Chromebook -- and Apple preserves its youth market.
    Apple just had their all time best quarter (revenue wise) for the Mac.  Only slightly below highest volume.  Apple is not getting killed by Chromebook.

    Apple just released a new iPad model which has education pricing of $299 (and I am sure bulk volumes are somewhat lower).