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  • Editorial: Apple survived 2016's onslaught of fake news and failed competitors

    Yes, I would say that Apple had a very good year in 2016:
    - Introduced a great new product in AirPods. Performs great, packed with innovation, and is delighting the user. I am loving mine. In bringing this same technology to Beats line with the W1 chip, Apple is well on track to grabbing the large majority of value in the headphone market as they do on their other markets.
    - iPhone 7 was a very solid update. I just got one a couple weeks ago and the battery life is just amazing. Often have 50% or more remaining at end of day. Just a complete joyful upgrade over my previous 5s, in every way.
    - Apple Watch updates with watchOS 3, lower entry pricing and the Series 2 seems to have hit a sweet spot. SW is much more useable for those with original. The early competitors are falling off and Apple has a commanding lead of the high end. While a small category now, wearables have the most promise in the electronics market in terms of potential dollars and future platform. 
    - Updated MacBook Pro. While not without some controversy, it is hard to argue that the product isn't a huge upgrade over previous model. Many innovative features that will get more valuable with time (TouchBar, Touch ID, high performance multiple use ports that allow power, data, audio and video over a single cable).  Together with best screen on a laptop, super fast storage and amazingly thin and light.  Biggest impediment to more sales is high price coupled with the high USD. 
    - Continuing advancement in custom silicon which will pay dividends across all product lines in years to come. 
    - Great growth in services, led by Apple Music, with Apple Pay finally getting some real traction and now leading in mobile payment solutions. 

    Was it perfect?  Of course not. Vastly better than any other company in those markets - absolutely!
  • Next-gen Apple Watch might thin down by moving haptic motor to wristband

    I don't consider this likely to happen.  There was a story not long ago from a former employee (was an outsider that came in) involved with the heart rate sensor development, and his original proposal was to put into the band as it would be more accurate on the underside of wrist.  Apple's design team said no - needs to be in the case as they wanted the bands to be easily swapped.