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  • Samsung testing confirms battery problems to blame for Galaxy Note 7 fires

    Outside experts already explained the cause.  The battery is too compact to fit into a slim Note 7. Some positive terminals connected with the negative terminals. This caused a short circuit. A short circuit will drain all the power in the battery rapidly. The heat caused fire and explosion.  This is fundamental electricity. 
  • Lawsuit accuses Apple's iMessages of violating 2002 point-of-sale patent

    Voice Memo looks more like this patent than Messages app.
  • Consumer Reports now recommends MacBook Pro after Apple software fix

    Consumer may have committed a user error in testing.  It is still a software bug because Apple can fix the problem. A software follows a flow chart. R&D arguing that the user should not lead the software go to a particular mode is simply not responsible. 
  • HTC's new U series phones follow Apple's iPhone 7 in eliminating headphone jacks

    HTC studied iFixit teardown. 
  • Ten Years of iPhone: the past present and future of Apple's blockbuster phenomenon

    frantisek said:
    It is question what significantly new we can want from phone.

    There is probably room in photo technologies and 3D sensing but what more?
    Faster chips of course but what to with it other than work with 4K video?
    Bigger screen without borders, of course, we probably be getting it.
    Voice recognition that is error proof but you can use it mostly home, in car or closed office.
    Augmented reality. It is also on the way from Apple but key is usefulness and safety. You can not walk the street with phone in front of your eyes. In better case you will hit street lamp in worse car will hit you. AR Contact lenses whether technology will mature will be interesting.

    But I think one direction where Apple is heading is combination of phone independent watch and wireless headphones. It will be enough for number of people to stop using regular phone. We are missing only LTE watch and reliable Siri that would be essential for this combination to by satisfactory.

    But we can ask for screen that does not break and then tons of small or bigger refinements that would bring rest of the world on par with US in terms of iOS functionality and services. Siri, keyboard suggestion and number of other things.

    We may get after 10 years even multirow text for text expansion to be able use multi signatures anywhere (I am dreaming).
    There are, as I saw, keyboards that serve as center for information dinging and sharing. That is good direction. (not sure I saw it from Google for Android or iOS to and whether it is ready)

    My crystal ball gets blurry so it is all for now :-)
    The monumental success of iPhone is it put a computer and internet and a phone in your hand. For this reason the Amazon Alexa Echo is a fad.