AppleInsider - Future Apple Hardware - Recent Changes the most recent changes to the appleinsider community with this feedenHuddler 0.1Sun, 30 Aug 2015 16:11:51 +0000Apple hires senior Tesla engineer as 'Project Titan' evidence mounts "The alleged hiring war between Apple and Tesla continues behind the scenes, with one of..."threadFri, 21 Aug 2015 20:04:57 +0000AppleInsiderFri, 21 Aug 2015 20:04:57 +0000#34543854Intel's Skylake chips can power three 4K monitors simultaneously, launch details in 'couple of weeks' "A launch date for Intel's next-generation Skylake processors should be announced in a..."threadWed, 19 Aug 2015 21:40:09 +0000AppleInsiderWed, 19 Aug 2015 21:40:09 +0000#34542516Apple to update Magic Mouse & wireless keyboard with Bluetooth LE, integrated batteries, FCC reveals "Two newly published filings with the U.S. Federal Communications Commission reveal that..."threadSat, 15 Aug 2015 22:37:37 +0000AppleInsiderSat, 15 Aug 2015 22:37:37 +0000#34539328Apple eyes former naval base in California to test 'Project Titan' self-driving car - report "Apple's automotive project is said to be moving along quickly, with the company..."threadFri, 14 Aug 2015 19:34:10 +0000AppleInsiderFri, 14 Aug 2015 19:34:10 +0000#34538564Leaked Intel Skylake-U roadmap reveals CPUs likely bound for MacBook Air "A set of supposedly leaked specifications for Intel's upcoming Skylake processor lineup..."threadTue, 11 Aug 2015 23:23:47 +0000AppleInsiderTue, 11 Aug 2015 23:23:47 +0000#34536049New iMac with 4K display hinted at once again in latest El Capitan beta "A new set of configuration files discovered in the latest beta of Apple's OS X El..."threadTue, 04 Aug 2015 14:18:37 +0000AppleInsiderTue, 04 Aug 2015 14:18:37 +0000#34531071Fully assembled 'iPhone 6s' display purportedly shown off in new photos "A set of photos published to the Web on Saturday supposedly show an assembled..."threadSun, 02 Aug 2015 00:07:49 +0000AppleInsiderSun, 02 Aug 2015 00:07:49 +0000#34529712BMW concerned about sharing manufacturing expertise to develop Apple Car - report "Apple and BMW have in fact held talks about a potential Apple Car, but the German..."threadFri, 31 Jul 2015 19:44:21 +0000AppleInsiderFri, 31 Jul 2015 19:44:21 +0000#34528978Apple-owned micro-LED display technology earns high praise, seen as potential OLED replacement "Before Apple acquired low-power display maker LuxVue, micro-LED technology was..."threadMon, 27 Jul 2015 18:49:39 +0000AppleInsiderMon, 27 Jul 2015 18:49:39 +0000#34525555Leaked Intel Skylake info reveals future MacBooks will gain graphics boosts, better battery life "Newly-leaked Intel presentation slides suggest that the company's upcoming Skylake..."threadFri, 24 Jul 2015 17:39:27 +0000AppleInsiderFri, 24 Jul 2015 17:39:27 +0000#34524254New tech bonds fingerprint sensors under Gorilla Glass, could allow button-free iPhones "Security technology firm Sonavation on Tuesday announced a technology allowing..."threadTue, 21 Jul 2015 14:27:04 +0000AppleInsiderTue, 21 Jul 2015 14:27:04 +0000#34521161Apple's new iPhones: Everything we know about the 'iPhone 6s' and '6s Plus' "Apple is widely expected to launch two new iPhones this fall, typically referred to as..."threadFri, 10 Jul 2015 18:45:52 +0000AppleInsiderFri, 10 Jul 2015 18:45:52 +0000#34514684