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25 Apr 2015 04:02:47 +0000#34462557Full video of Vogue interview with Apple designers Jony Ive and Marc Newson posted to Web "British Vogue on Friday posted full video footage of a recent interview that had editor..."threadSat, 25 Apr 2015 00:59:48 +0000AppleInsiderSat, 25 Apr 2015 00:59:48 +0000#34462469First look: Digital Crown on Apple Watch ushers in new era of UI control "With Apple Watch, Apple was presented an opportunity to reimagine and improve upon the..."threadFri, 24 Apr 2015 21:38:09 +0000AppleInsiderFri, 24 Apr 2015 21:38:09 +0000#34462361Apple details Watch battery life, upgrades band selection page in online store "In tandem with Friday's launch of the Apple Watch, Apple updated its website with..."threadFri, 24 Apr 2015 21:21:16 +0000AppleInsiderFri, 24 Apr 2015 21:21:16 +0000#34462353Apple Watch chips laid bare in X-ray, microscope imagery "Following Friday's Apple Watch teardown, the experts at Chipworks posted a close-up..."threadFri, 24 Apr 2015 21:00:17 +0000AppleInsiderFri, 24 Apr 2015 21:00:17 +0000#34462333Roundup: The best and most interesting third-party apps for your new Apple Watch "With newly-delivered Apple Watch units now on the wrists of the lucky, users will..."threadFri, 24 Apr 2015 19:12:32 +0000AppleInsiderFri, 24 Apr 2015 19:12:32 +0000#34462248First look: The official AppleInsider app for Apple Watch "Early adopters of the Apple Watch can receive alerts fir breaking Apple news and browse..."threadFri, 24 Apr 2015 18:30:15 +0000AppleInsiderFri, 24 Apr 2015 18:30:15 +0000#34462201How to pair your new Apple Watch with your iPhone "Once you get your Apple Watch out of the box, the first thing you'll need to do is pair..."threadFri, 24 Apr 2015 17:57:10 +0000AppleInsiderFri, 24 Apr 2015 17:57:10 +0000#34462177First look: Unboxing the stainless steel Apple Watch with milanese loop (video) "Apple's mid-range stainless steel Apple Watch not only has a more premium enclosure..."threadFri, 24 Apr 2015 16:59:14 +0000AppleInsiderFri, 24 Apr 2015 16:59:14 +0000#34462081Apple not guilty of patent infringement with Siri, Chinese court says "Apple has won a decisive victory in a long-running intellectual property fight over..."threadFri, 24 Apr 2015 16:16:23 +0000AppleInsiderFri, 24 Apr 2015 16:16:23 +0000#34462031Reviewers try to destroy Apple Watch in the shower and swimming pool, ultimately fail "As the first wave of Apple Watch deliveries hits doorsteps around the world, some..."threadFri, 24 Apr 2015 14:14:52 +0000AppleInsiderFri, 24 Apr 2015 14:14:52 +0000#34461796Apple arranges online Personal Setup sessions to guide new Apple Watch owners "Americans receiving their Apple Watch on Friday are being emailed an invitation to..."threadFri, 24 Apr 2015 13:39:28 +0000AppleInsiderFri, 24 Apr 2015 13:39:28 +0000#34461728Apple Watch release brings debut of all-new folding UK power adapter "Apple has turned its penchant for slimness to the famously brick-like U.K. power plug,..."threadFri, 24 Apr 2015 12:47:26 +0000AppleInsiderFri, 24 Apr 2015 12:47:26 +0000#34461670Apple Watch found to be compliant with Qi wireless charging standard "The inductive charging capabilities of the Apple Watch are based on the established Qi..."threadFri, 24 Apr 2015 12:35:32 +0000AppleInsiderFri, 24 Apr 2015 12:35:32 +0000#34461658Apple debuts three new ads showing Apple Watch use in everyday situations "Commemorating the launch of the Apple Watch on Friday, Apple launched three new ads..."threadFri, 24 Apr 2015 11:41:19 +0000AppleInsiderFri, 24 Apr 2015 11:41:19 +0000#34461637Apple Watch launch in Paris greeted with long line at Colette "Apple is introducing its new Watch across a limited number countries today, but only a..."threadFri, 24 Apr 2015 10:50:39 +0000AppleInsiderFri, 24 Apr 2015 10:50:39 +0000#34461621References to 'iTunes Subscription' pop up in iTunes, could point to rumored streaming service "References to a heretofore unknown "iTunes Subscription" service showed up in the..."threadFri, 24 Apr 2015 06:42:43 +0000AppleInsiderFri, 24 Apr 2015 06:42:43 +0000#34461526Apple Watch gets teardown treatment, unannounced data port remains in production units "Just hours after Apple Watch first reached early-bird buyers in Australia, a device..."threadFri, 24 Apr 2015 03:59:59 +0000AppleInsiderFri, 24 Apr 2015 03:59:59 +0000#34461456Customers line up at boutique fashion retailers, Japanese electronics stores for Apple Watch debut "Prospective Apple Watch buyers are queuing up outside high-end fashion outlets..."threadFri, 24 Apr 2015 01:19:44 +0000AppleInsiderFri, 24 Apr 2015 01:19:44 +0000#34461383First Apple Watch deliveries received in Australia, developers selected for expedited shipping program "It's just after 9 a.m. in Australia and that means the first wave of Apple Watch orders..."threadThu, 23 Apr 2015 23:36:14 +0000AppleInsiderThu, 23 Apr 2015 23:36:14 +0000#34461323Ahead of Apple Watch, Microsoft beefs up its Band with new cycling trackers, blood oxygen calculator "With the Apple Watch set to launch in a matter of hours, Microsoft this week announced..."threadThu, 23 Apr 2015 20:16:26 +0000AppleInsiderThu, 23 Apr 2015 20:16:26 +0000#34461174Comcast will end efforts to acquire Time Warner Cable - report "Facing scrutiny from the U.S. government, Comcast will apparently drop its plans to..."threadThu, 23 Apr 2015 19:25:30 +0000AppleInsiderThu, 23 Apr 2015 19:25:30 +0000#34461119Apple launches Watch App Store and online User Guide "In preparation for the launch of the Apple Watch on Friday, Apple on Thursday launched..."threadThu, 23 Apr 2015 19:13:41 +0000AppleInsiderThu, 23 Apr 2015 19:13:41 +0000#34461111Apple under fire once again for inconsistent App Store rule enforcement "Apple's App Store review policies have found yet another unwanted spotlight after the..."threadThu, 23 Apr 2015 18:53:55 +0000AppleInsiderThu, 23 Apr 2015 18:53:55 +0000#34461086Apple Watch runs 'most' of iOS 8.2, may use A5-equivalent processor "The Apple Watch is using "most" of iOS 8.2, with a new subsystem called "Carousel" in..."threadThu, 23 Apr 2015 17:59:28 +0000AppleInsiderThu, 23 Apr 2015 17:59:28 +0000#34461035Misfit debuts Apple Watch coaching app, djay 2 gets Watch mixing controls "Activity tracker maker Misfit on Thursday announced a new workout app for the Apple..."threadThu, 23 Apr 2015 16:55:45 +0000AppleInsiderThu, 23 Apr 2015 16:55:45 +0000#34460973Apple's dwindling iPod lineup to see long-awaited refresh this year "Though the iPod lineup has not seen any significant changes since late 2012, Apple will..."threadThu, 23 Apr 2015 14:33:13 +0000AppleInsiderThu, 23 Apr 2015 14:33:13 +0000#34460767Apple says working on Apple Watch preorders in email to early-bird customers "Apple on Thursday sent out a mass email notifying Apple Watch preorder customers slated..."threadThu, 23 Apr 2015 06:21:08 +0000AppleInsiderThu, 23 Apr 2015 06:21:08 +0000#34460440Apple to reportedly offer Apple Watch band exchanges as alternative to full returns "According to a report on Wednesday, Apple will allow Apple Watch buyers to swap out the..."threadThu, 23 Apr 2015 02:19:54 +0000AppleInsiderThu, 23 Apr 2015 02:19:54 +0000#34460311Apple publishes Apple Watch Guided Tours for Apple Pay, Activity and Workout [updated with video] "Apple on Wednesday posted the last three Guided Tours for Apple Watch, showing off..."threadWed, 22 Apr 2015 23:08:58 +0000AppleInsiderWed, 22 Apr 2015 23:08:58 +0000#34460139Select boutique outlets to have Apple Watch stock for sale on April 24 "While Apple has repeatedly intimated that Apple Watch is, for now, an online exclusive..."threadWed, 22 Apr 2015 23:03:49 +0000AppleInsiderWed, 22 Apr 2015 23:03:49 +0000#34460134Apple confirms some Apple Watch orders shipping out earlier than estimated "Apple on Wednesday confirmed reports that some Apple Watch orders are shipping out..."threadWed, 22 Apr 2015 21:11:46 +0000AppleInsiderWed, 22 Apr 2015 21:11:46 +0000#34459998New tool offers glimpse at Apple Watch screenshots before April 24 launch "A new tool can fetch screenshots for third-party Apple Watch apps, while another..."threadWed, 22 Apr 2015 17:38:39 +0000AppleInsiderWed, 22 Apr 2015 17:38:39 +0000#34459780Apple designers Ive, Newson talk Apple Watch at Conde Nast International Luxury Conference "Apple designers Jony Ive and Marc Newson helped inaugurate the first annual Conde Nast..."threadWed, 22 Apr 2015 16:11:20 +0000AppleInsiderWed, 22 Apr 2015 16:11:20 +0000#34459668Apple 'unlikely' to launch new 4-inch iPhone model this year, insider says "Sales of the 4-inch iPhone 5s remain strong, suggesting to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo that..."threadWed, 22 Apr 2015 15:06:27 +0000AppleInsiderWed, 22 Apr 2015 15:06:27 +0000#34459551Researchers leverage SSL bug to crash Apple devices over Wi-Fi in 'No iOS Zone' attack "A bug in iOS's secure sockets layer (SSL) library could allow an attacker to force apps..."threadWed, 22 Apr 2015 14:46:07 +0000AppleInsiderWed, 22 Apr 2015 14:46:07 +0000#34459528Apple's Safari claims 55% of US mobile browser usage, 10.5% desktop share "In March, 55 percent of U.S. mobile Web traffic stemmed from Apple's Safari, although..."threadWed, 22 Apr 2015 13:59:20 +0000AppleInsiderWed, 22 Apr 2015 13:59:20 +0000#34459472Second wave of online-only Apple Watch preorders rumored to start in Italy, other countries May 8 "Plans for Apple's international retail stores appear to suggest that the company will..."threadWed, 22 Apr 2015 12:29:31 +0000AppleInsiderWed, 22 Apr 2015 12:29:31 +0000#34459407They're really working hard to convince us! "Besides this being not a major product but a major product accessory, Apple is working..."threadWed, 22 Apr 2015 06:12:14 +0000ronstarkWed, 22 Apr 2015 06:12:14 +0000#34459317Apple Watch Sport's Ion-X glass reportedly endures scratch test in new video "A video published to YouTube on Tuesday shows a scratch test featuring what is claimed..."threadTue, 21 Apr 2015 23:39:22 +0000AppleInsiderTue, 21 Apr 2015 23:39:22 +0000#34459080Apple updates several optional iOS apps, adds Watch remote support to Keynote "Apple on Tuesday updated several of its official iOS apps -- including the iWork suite..."threadTue, 21 Apr 2015 21:43:00 +0000AppleInsiderTue, 21 Apr 2015 21:43:00 +0000#34459019ARM earnings grow 22 percent on royalties from newer smartphones like iPhone 6 "Revenue at British chip designer ARM Holdings rose 22 percent to 227.5 million pounds..."threadTue, 21 Apr 2015 20:32:19 +0000AppleInsiderTue, 21 Apr 2015 20:32:19 +0000#34458945Apple enlists premium resellers for Apple Watch distribution in China "With a relative dearth of Apple Stores in mainland China, Apple has tapped its network..."threadTue, 21 Apr 2015 19:45:24 +0000AppleInsiderTue, 21 Apr 2015 19:45:24 +0000#34458924Apple job listing confirms plans to bring public transit info to its Maps service "Apple is indeed working on bringing public transit directions back into its Maps apps..."threadTue, 21 Apr 2015 18:49:04 +0000AppleInsiderTue, 21 Apr 2015 18:49:04 +0000#34458865Apple offers limited number of developers expedited Apple Watch shipping "Apple on Tuesday began sending emails out to members of its development community,..."threadTue, 21 Apr 2015 17:55:15 +0000AppleInsiderTue, 21 Apr 2015 17:55:15 +0000#34458769PowerPoint & TripIt update with Apple Watch functions, Excel for iPhone gets comments "Microsoft on Tuesday updated the iOS version of PowerPoint with new Apple Watch..."threadTue, 21 Apr 2015 15:45:35 +0000AppleInsiderTue, 21 Apr 2015 15:45:35 +0000#34458622Some 1,500 iOS apps exposed to serious HTTPS vulnerability, analytics firm says "Approximately 1,500 iOS apps are exposed to a vulnerability that could let a hacker..."threadTue, 21 Apr 2015 14:02:53 +0000AppleInsiderTue, 21 Apr 2015 14:02:53 +0000#34458509