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"threadWed, 24 Dec 2014 13:33:49 +0000IrelandWed, 24 Dec 2014 13:33:49 +0000#34360314Freemium games dominate App Store list of most downloaded, highest grossing apps for 2014 "Apple on Tuesday released its annual "Best of 2014" list for the App Store's..."threadTue, 23 Dec 2014 23:23:44 +0000AppleInsiderTue, 23 Dec 2014 23:23:44 +0000#34360103Apple launches iTunes Tumblr page as part of social media push "Apple on Monday took its social media presence to a new level by launching a new Tumblr..."threadMon, 22 Dec 2014 23:57:23 +0000AppleInsiderMon, 22 Dec 2014 23:57:23 +0000#34359439Watch ABC Apple TV channel update brings full episode viewing for all users "In an update to its Watch ABC app for Apple TV, ABC is allowing access to full-length..."threadFri, 19 Dec 2014 01:56:09 +0000AppleInsiderFri, 19 Dec 2014 01:56:09 +0000#34357673Apple's iTunes DRM didn't violate antitrust laws, jury finds "After years of litigation, Apple on Tuesday was found not to have violated U.S...."threadTue, 16 Dec 2014 18:15:42 +0000AppleInsiderTue, 16 Dec 2014 18:15:42 +0000#34356068Bose may take on Apple's Beats Music, iTunes Radio with new streaming music platform "A reported Bose job listing for a "cloud music services" UX designer suggests the..."threadTue, 16 Dec 2014 04:03:37 +0000AppleInsiderTue, 16 Dec 2014 04:03:37 +0000#34355767Apple's discontinued iPod classic commands hefty premium on the secondary market "Three months after its official demise, Apple's iPod Classic --?the last model to come..."threadWed, 10 Dec 2014 14:20:50 +0000AppleInsiderWed, 10 Dec 2014 14:20:50 +0000#34352597Apple TV gets overhauled YouTube app, adds new channels for UFC, DailyMotion & more "Google on Tuesday unveiled a redesigned YouTube app for the Apple TV with a number of..."threadTue, 09 Dec 2014 15:49:14 +0000AppleInsiderTue, 09 Dec 2014 15:49:14 +0000#34351772Can I prevent iTunes from doing this? "I have an iPod Classic, set as a mass storage device, which I manage manually on two..."threadMon, 08 Dec 2014 20:11:43 +0000AflaaakMon, 08 Dec 2014 20:11:43 +0000#34351131Pixelmator, Beyonce, 'Guardians of the Galaxy' & 'Fargo' lead Apple's iTunes Best of 2014 awards "Apple on Monday debuted its curated list of the best content available from its various..."threadMon, 08 Dec 2014 13:04:29 +0000AppleInsiderMon, 08 Dec 2014 13:04:29 +0000#34350869Plaintiff withdrawn in iPod antitrust lawsuit "One of the two named plaintiffs in the long-running class-action lawsuit over Apple's..."threadFri, 05 Dec 2014 18:35:15 +0000AppleInsiderFri, 05 Dec 2014 18:35:15 +0000#34349175Apple flips switch on holiday-themed iTunes Radio stations "Apple on Thursday activated a number of curated iTunes Radio stations playing nothing..."threadFri, 05 Dec 2014 07:27:16 +0000AppleInsiderFri, 05 Dec 2014 07:27:16 +0000#34348837Google's Chromecast usurps Apple TV in streaming content device race "Cheap streaming media players like Google's Chromecast and Amazon's Fire TV are..."threadTue, 02 Dec 2014 22:43:45 +0000AppleInsiderTue, 02 Dec 2014 22:43:45 +0000#34347108Antitrust laws could cost Apple $1 billion in iTunes monopoly case "Though plaintiffs are seeking $350 million in damages in a case alleging that Apple..."threadTue, 02 Dec 2014 14:17:08 +0000AppleInsiderTue, 02 Dec 2014 14:17:08 +0000#34346709Apple faces $350M in damages from iTunes antitrust suit first filed in 2005 "Though Apple and record labels abandoned digital rights management protection in iTunes..."threadMon, 01 Dec 2014 13:52:20 +0000AppleInsiderMon, 01 Dec 2014 13:52:20 +0000#34346089Exclusive: Free Apple TV and the lowest prices anywhere on every MacBook + AppleCare bundle (save $200-$800); iMacs & Mac Pros too "Exclusive (Expires @ Midnight ET 12/20/14) : In a deal that only AppleInsider can..."threadFri, 28 Nov 2014 00:46:37 +0000AppleInsiderFri, 28 Nov 2014 00:46:37 +0000#34345055Apple's iTunes to air Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer on Friday "Following rumors that an anticipated trailer for Disney's upcoming Star Wars movie..."threadWed, 26 Nov 2014 23:00:52 +0000AppleInsiderWed, 26 Nov 2014 23:00:52 +0000#34344342