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Never EVER ship UPS Ground

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I had almost all my computer hardware damaged/destroyed shipping UPS ground from Winnipeg (Canada) to Florida.

Here's some images of my shipment:

Just trying to spread the word. Go FedEX!

My PowerMac:

My PowerTower Pro:

My Tupperware:

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Wow that looks like someone smashed it up with a bat almost or fell out of a truck and rolled from the highway..

That's why I use FedEx :eek: :eek:
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WOW! :eek:

I've had lots of UPS shipping, and so far nothing bad like that. The worst I can say is NEVER have UPS deliver to your home. "Signature Required" means nothing to residential delivery. Twice I've had my computer set outside the door with "Signature Required" on the box. Lucky nothing got stolen. At my work place they won't leave anything UPS without a signature.

This is another good reason to always use insurance.. and LOTS of it!

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i am monkey
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UPS Canada-&gt;US ground does not insure.

Now I know why.
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[quote]Here's some images of my shipment:<hr></blockquote>

Hey! That's nut a bug that's a feature!
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Here's the original link to the album:

<a href="http://homepage.mac.com/simonster/PhotoAlbum3.html" target="_blank">http://homepage.mac.com/simonster/PhotoAlbum3.html</a>
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Sheez, that's insane.
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Thats so horrific

Its such a shame to see your Powertower, a peice of Mac History destroyed along with your latest G4.

I bought a Geoforce II card and it was delivered to my home just laying in front of my steps. I live in a pretty dense neigborhood.

Can you imagine buying a G4/667 TiBook and coming home to see it waiting on your front steps? :eek:
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When a teacher of mine ordered a G4 a few years ago, they delivered it in the morning while he was at work and he didn't come back home until about 6 PM. It was sitting on his front porch all day.
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What's with the tupperware?
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[quote]Originally posted by btober:
<strong>What's with the tupperware?</strong><hr></blockquote>

He got hungry
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So you say not to use UPS because of your bad experiences, but what about the thread over at MacNN telling you not to use FedEx. There's bad reports about all the shipping companies pretty much.
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From people who actually work at shipping companies, their biggest tip seems to be never to use Ground, period. Use overnight or 2 day as much as possible.
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:eek: If I were you, I wouldn't stop calling them until they replaced all that stuff. And if they pull that "computers are fragile" crap, show them the tupperware. I already didn't like UPS... Last I knew, *every* package shipped by UPS goes over *at least* one ledge that's *at least* 3ft high. Seriously, the fall is built into their conveyor belt system
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Heh, I just remembered that I had the same experience when I shipped stuff from Texas to California. It was easier to roll one of the boxes into the house than to pick it up (if you could even get a grip on it -- it was like trying to pick up a box made out of cloth). Lucky for me, all I had only shipped clothes, books, and a few other non-fragile things. I think the only actually damage were some torn pages in a few old magizines. What did the UPS person have to say about the condition of my boxes? "You should've used sturdier boxes." I wonder how they manage to beat stuff up so much...
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Oh, and don't forget to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Out here, one of the local news stations (channel 7) has a feature called "7 on your side". People write to them with their business complaints, and they broadcast what happened. Then they take over bugging the company for you. They call them, send them letters, etc. It's pretty funny to see the company instantly make a 180 when they see themselves on the evening news . Anyway, you might want to see if any of you local stations or newspapers have a similar thing.

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I saw your AI posting earlier but didn't get involved until I saw the postings on /.

Its amazing how many people are complaing about UPS versus other shipping services. I think I'll be using FedEx from now on...

On a side note, I wonder what Apple thinks about one of their iTools users getting slashdotted... I'm impressed that the entire homepage.apple.com system didn't go down!
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Download BARTsmart BART Widget, the best BART schedule widget for Mac OS X's Dashboard.
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I don't use UPS because it's more expensive for nearly everything. Jutus, got any pics of the packing materials you used?

I always bubble wrap, then use styrofoam peanuts around individual pieces of equipment. In this case, I would have boxed the tower and boxed the box. That minimizes movement.

What I hate about FedEx is that its online rate calculator is a piece of crap.

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I can change my sig again!
I can change my sig again!
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Holy shit. 80,000 hits overnight!
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I hope this gets reconciled, jutus! If there's one thing I know it's that you should NEVER stop bitching in these kinds of screw-you-over instances, and don't be afraid to do it LOUDLY and get some other customers' attention! They are in the wrong here.
art may imitate life, but life imitates tv.
art may imitate life, but life imitates tv.
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very sorry about your loss.
but for next time...
your photos didn't show how much and what type of packing material you used. i've shipped very fragile hand blown glassware for many years with ups ground and had no problems. most of my boxes weighing aprox. 25-40 pounds. most important thing you can do is to over protect the individual items you ship. i.e. if you think there's enough protection, double or even triple it. also re: the shipping box in your photo, it doesn't look large enough for your machines, size does matter. feinforce the inside of the shipping box with stiffeners and braces. oh and by the way, clear tape just won't cut it, always, always, use filamant reinforced tape, up, down, over, under and around, the entire box. and keep the box clean, tape won't stick to a dusty surface... my shipping boxes may not look pretty, but they get there, intact. besides who am i trying to impress? i have no intentions of winning the nicest looking package contest...


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They're coming to take me away, ha-haa!!! To the funny farm, where life is beautiful all the time...
They're coming to take me away, ha-haa!!! To the funny farm, where life is beautiful all the time...
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Question: is that an ashtray inside your PTP?

"My 8th grade math teacher once said: "You can't help it if you're dumb, you are born that way. But stupid is self inflicted."" -Hiro. 

...sometimes it's both

"My 8th grade math teacher once said: "You can't help it if you're dumb, you are born that way. But stupid is self inflicted."" -Hiro. 

...sometimes it's both
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Jutus, did you read the comments at /.? This one in particular jumped out at me:
[quote]You shipped without insurance. Don't expect any money, ever, without some kind of lawsuit.

No. Even without insurance, you are entiteled to compensation due to their (In this case severe) negligence. There are laws covering these situations, transport laws and law about the shipment of goods. Insurance is mainly for non-delivery.

Disclaimer: IAALS (I Am A Law Student), so my tip is to poke around in Candian law and see if it has some rules about this. Canadian law is more or less a hundred times more consumer friendly than US code, and my guess would be that Canadian law is the one to be used in this case since itæs the country of origin. There are many cases on international basis covering this kind of situation, contact a lawyer and go for it!<hr></blockquote>

I hope you can get this resolved. I can't imagine how pissed I would be if this had happened to my stuff.
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I worked for one of these shippers and I know packing is everything. When you ship something, expect your package to be thrown with, kicked at, driven over, rained on, stowed away in a lost and found zone for seven days, opened by customs, dropped from a truck,...
This will not happen to most of the packages handled by these shippers, but I've seen it happen daily with some packages. Shipping with these companies is trying your luck.
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A new Macbook got stolen from my front porch because the vendor didn't require signature. UPS couldn't care less. Though I got a refund eventually (not from UPS), the experience was no fun. Lesson: don't assume they'll ship right since it's expensive; stay in control or get it shipped to a business location.
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