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Started off pretty good. Had a great job with great people. Started dating a girl and that was good.

Well, in April we broke up...bad.

Then I went to London in June...absolutely fantastic!

Returned and then things started going up and down...
  • The company I work for lays off 80% of the staff and in two weeks time, me too. Start collecting unemployment.

    See Patti Smith. Feel like a kid again.

    Then almost all Internet companies start folding everywhere and a lot of my friends are out of jobs and the pickin's are pretty slim.

    September 11th. Nuff said. Everybody now in a funk.

    Buy a new iMac G3 700!

    Hardrive fails in twenty eight days!

    Send it back.

    Fixed in two!

    See Tenacious D...lot's of fun...

    Attack of the apartment mice part I...

    I get the Flu. Freaking, at first thinking it's anthrax. Doctor clarifies and saves day.

    See Iggy Pop, another fine moment of a so far shitty end of year. Lose my voice for three days!

    Appleinsider returns!

    Still outta work...still no interview in this whole period...

    Attack of the apartment mice part II...

what's next??? :eek: :confused:

I know, that's life...but I wanted to list some of it down. All in all pretty has your year been?
I AM THE Royal Pain in the Ass.
I AM THE Royal Pain in the Ass.