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You guys ever been robbed?

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I got jacked today on the bus. Only lost $7 bux but just thinking about it makes me want to spit. You guys ever had an experience like this and if so, what did you lose? <img src="graemlins/hmmm.gif" border="0" alt="[Hmmm]" />
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How does one get robbed on a bus?
At confined knifepoint?

Seems odd. <img src="confused.gif" border="0">
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Thankfully I haven't gotten robbed but when I lived in Queens a few of my neighbors on my block did and after one day there were a few dents on the door and the knob so I think someone might have tried to break in once.
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Gun in the face at a drive thru money machine.
The farking punk wanted my car too (chumpy '90 civic, but then this was in '93). There was no way I was giving up my car since it was the only real possession I had at the time - I know, stupid, but you don't think about ramifications when heavy shit is going down.
He took the gun off my head when he realized that it was a stick shift and said to his partner "Oh, it's a stick!". I opened the door on his arm to push the gun out of the way and drove on out of there.

That was my welcome to L.A.
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FERRO is always armed...


I learn from other peoples mistakes...

I always have my right hand near some type of defense...


Always in public...

And I am a firm believer in the "Platinum Rule" -

Its contains aspects of the "Bronze Rule" - "Eye for an Eye"

Its contains aspects of the "Silver Rule" - "Do not do unto other as you would not have done unto you"

Its contains aspects of the "Golden Rule" - "Do unto others as you would have done unto you"

"Platinum Rule: Any action or inaction, wether real or implied, direct or indirect, that threatens or violates any given rights or privileges, persons or property, can and will be responded too with an appropriate oppossing force, according to circumstance and situation." - FERRO

wich means... in no uncertain terms...

If you try to pull something on me... give me one opportunity... just one and... you'll be sorry - point blank.

The second you threaten someones life, you threaten your own... two fold...

The second you take that right from somebody, you declare open season on yourself...


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[Edit: never mind...I got a little TOO Eastwood there...]

But I totally dig and agree with what FERRO says...my new favorite person!

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Some guy here in Chicago raised a fist to me once. I didnt realize until I was in my apartment that he meant Give me money or Ill hit you. He was so dunk/high and pathetic that I didnt feel threatened by him at all.

Im rather short with the homeless, bums, drunks, vagrants, wine-os, hustlers here in the city. Can you ask me a question? No you cant. Just one question? No. What? Im a nigger hater because I wont let ask me a question? So be it.
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Well, I paid $8 to see "Wild Wild West"...
This is not 38, this is old 97!
This is not 38, this is old 97!
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The worst thing about being robbed or mugged is afterward when you start going through in your mind all the things you should have done. I just can't lay to rest the "what if I had" ideas
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Have I ever got robbed?

You mean other than my monthly cable bill?

The crucial memorandum will be snared in the out-basket by
the paper clip of the overlying memo and go to file.
The crucial memorandum will be snared in the out-basket by
the paper clip of the overlying memo and go to file.
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- erased off topic... -

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I've never been robbed. But I also carry a concealled weapons permit.

Right to bare arms.. I love it.
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Solo. My friend and I were mugged when i was 14. Same thing. we told other people and they were like: "Why didn't you do X?"

It's hard to describe the moment.

That's why it takes training to react properly.
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Our house has been robbed before, though nothing irreplacable was taken. I was so happy when I learned insurance would pay us back for the original value of the items, what a pleasant surprise.

Also, this isn't directed to anyone here (since I don't really know any of you saying it), but I don't know anyone with a gun that I actually trust or think should have a deadly weapon in their possession, and I've never felt safe with concealed weapons being legal, the combination of which gives me worry a lot.
art may imitate life, but life imitates tv.
art may imitate life, but life imitates tv.
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I take that back.. some scum bag stole my Diamond Back Formula One BMX bike from my garage when I was 13 I missed 2 weeks of races cause of that! Thank God my parents had homeowners insurance
The crucial memorandum will be snared in the out-basket by
the paper clip of the overlying memo and go to file.
The crucial memorandum will be snared in the out-basket by
the paper clip of the overlying memo and go to file.
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I've never actually been robbed but I used to have a recurring nightmare about it when I was a kid. It was worse than any other nightmare I have ever had because it was so real.

Scary stuff.

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Pickpockets in Florence Italy stole my purse, including passport, insurance card, credit card, cash worth $200.

Since then I cannot not get rid of feeling in danger when in a crowd to be robbed again.

My briefcase had been stolen in Geneva/Switzerland out of my hotel room, but the thief only wanted cash and I found my briefcase together with everything but cash money in the waist basket in the ladies lavatory. Phew!

The worst thing is that I called myself names not to have cared better for safety and it is awful to get fresh copies of your driving licence, passports and other papers.

Getting robbed is second to being followed by someone in the dark when you are on your way home late. I had this happening twice and thinking about being possibly followed by a rapist doesn't make your day. It is not allowed to carry weapons for self protection here, so basically you have to attend classes for martial arts or just hope it won't happen to you.

I am glad my experience is limited to robbery, but that doesn't make me particularly happy though.
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I was going to go to the laundromat and so I'd put a clothes basket of dirty laundry in the car. But before I went I decided to have a beer and watch another inning or two of a Red sox game. When things started to turn ugly for my team I decided it was time to do that laundry.

You know how sometimes you forget where you parked your car? And then your imagination takes over and you think your car has been stolen! And then you take a breath and start to widen your search. The car usually turns up. Oh yeah. You feel a little sheepish but mostly relieved.

Of course none of that happens when you see a basket of dirty laundry sitting on the sidewalk next to where your car had been. Boy, did that suck.

I eventually got the car back. It wasn't in too bad of shape.

Another time someone tried to steal the radio. But they were chased off by someone who was a complete stranger to me - not before they had busted the passenger side window, though. The irritating thing is: the door hadn't been locked. (It hadn't kept the car thief out so I bought one of those clubs and relied on that to keep my car safe.) A week or so later apparently the same thief came back, smashed the newly repaired window and this time they got the radio. The door still wasn't locked. They didn't even try it. Grrrrrr.
shooby doo, shooby doo
shooby doo, shooby doo
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I was 'robbed' once. I bought a Newton 2100 on eBay for $250 and was ripped off. I had a phone number and everything. I kept getting the guy's 'wife' who said that he was gone for the week camping. After not getting the Newton or hearing from the guy, I got the authorities involved, as well as eBay. eBay basically gave me the finger.

I never got the Newton or my $250 back.
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Yes (quite a lot actually)
1st. take a few frends to a night club in a local town, Park car in a supermarket carpark oposite club. Wilst in the club I lose my Cloakroom ticket and stupid staff make me wait unltill all the other coats have gone before beliving me about mine, it's now about 3.45 am, I cross into the Supermarket Carpark to find my Mini (small UK Car) Striped, they had taken every part of value, Sports seats (all), Custom dash, All of the audio system, Alloy wheels. I was a student it was ages before It was back on the road.
2 Dimond Back Mountain bike (used as transport while car was off the road) stolen out of a frends back yard, the Fair was in town, coincidence. I think not.
3 Powerbook 1400 in bag. Stolen out of pasenger footwell whilst in a PC store. The theves smashed the window and grabed it, the store guard just watched and did nothing! I only went in the place to grab a pack of CDR's. I was at the checkout when the gard told me.

Non of these where covered by any sort of insurance

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It took me ages to find this post without my image sig
It took me ages to find this post without my image sig
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I was mugged once. I was walking back to my car through what's actually a pretty nice downtown neighborhood when some schmuck stepped out from an alley, opened a switchblade and asked for my wallet. I took it out to give to him and he put the knife in his pocket to take it! So I grabbed his wrist and hit him in the face, twice, as hard as I could. Now here's the best part. While he was lying there I took out his wallet, which had his driver's license in it (!) and called the cops. Like solo said: what's always bugged me about it is that if he hadn't been such a screwup I would have given my wallet to him. :-/
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[quote]Originally posted by pscates:
<strong>But I totally dig and agree with what FERRO says...my new favorite person!</strong><hr></blockquote>
Just don't tap him/her on the shoulder and ask the time. The next person you see will be the paramedic.
[quote]Well, I paid $8 to see "Wild Wild West"... <hr></blockquote>
I've been keeping a tab on things that people say that genuinely made me giggle out loud. This is now #1.

I was attacked once while I was still in high school, though he wasn't frisking me for money, if you know what I mean. I was rescued by a bunch of guys hanging on the street corner who I admit I'd probably have crossed the street to avoid under normal circumstances.
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Hopefully if I tap on someone's shoulder to ask the time or directions, I'm such a swell, clean-cut all American harmless looking kinda guy (believe me...there's NOTHING about me that says "this guy is up to no good"...), they shouldn't start blasting away. At least I hope.

Wouldn't that be ironic?

Here I go through life, NOT getting mugged/robbed or otherwise messed with, and I simply ask someone in a park or city street the time and lo and behold, THEY'VE been mugged and, out of fear/anger, take out their gun and blow me away!


That would not be cool.
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