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Liberals Unite

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A Declaration of Independence

When in the course of human events when conditions get so intolerable that we see the need to separate ourselves from those who would punish the less fortunate in our society for their own political and financial gain it comes to the point to declare our independence from those people. That day comes today. I pledge from this day forth to not purchase goods and services from these Republican donors mentioned below until I see improvement in such situations and my political agenda gets advanced. I shall buy elsewhere. If this causes you and your donors intolerable financial conditions then let the Lord have it done. I shall also contact these companies with this pledge with specifics on what I want to see done by our government. I will also no longer let you punish the less fortunate with my money any longer.


Companies to boycott


Coca ColaÂ*


Shell Oil


American Express

Marriot Hotels

JC Penney


Dell Computers

Florida Oranges, Grapefruits, Orange juice and Grapefruit juice and Florida Tourism

(Thank God Dell is on the list huh)

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While the rest of the world laughs at you..
The crucial memorandum will be snared in the out-basket by
the paper clip of the overlying memo and go to file.
The crucial memorandum will be snared in the out-basket by
the paper clip of the overlying memo and go to file.
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Someone wanna show a list of all the companies that donate to the Democratic Party?

I'm sure it's quite staggering in depth and reach. Apple, Adobe, etc. But I'm not about to boycott the very companies I use to make a living, so...

It's a two-way street, pal. I doubt Pepsi is up nights worrying about your 74¢

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Besides, any chucklehead can "boycott" something. Where's the courage and balls in that?

"Ooh, I'm not gonna eat a Stouffers TV dinner ever again because they didn't contribute to the "Save the Spotted Malaysian Monkey Fund".

Go chain yourself to a nuclear sub or climb a 200 foot tree with a spotted owl nest in it and refuse to come down, even as the lumberjacks begin swinging their axes, THEN I'll be impressed and moved by your convictions.

If you're gonna be a perpetually indignant world-changer and champion crusader, then do it right and risk serious life and limb.

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This is not 38, this is old 97!
This is not 38, this is old 97!
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Pepsi AND Coke? Sheesh, what are we liberals supposed to drink?

BTW, there was a myth going around lately that bin Laden owned Snapple!

Snapple even <a href="http://www.snapple.com/snapple_pr.html" target="_blank">issued a press release about it.</a>
[quote]Let me be clear, Snapple has never had any direct or indirect relationship of any kind whatsoever with Osama bin Laden or any other terrorist group or supporter.
Some of our products - along with products from other respected American beverage and food companies - were distributed by a company that had an investment from The Saudi Binladin Group. Snapple has never had any reason to believe, nor do we now, that this company had any relationship of any kind with terrorists.<hr></blockquote>A likely story.
<img src="graemlins/bugeye.gif" border="0" alt="[Skeptical]" />

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Odd that a bunch of collectivists are relying on a fundamentally capitalist form of protest to further your agenda. The irony runs thick.
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[quote]Originally posted by beer:
<strong>Odd that a bunch of collectivists are relying on a fundamentally capitalist form of protest to further your agenda. The irony runs thick. </strong><hr></blockquote>

Didn't you mean socialists instead of collectivists? Hehe.
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While I have no idea what political agenda solo is trying to advance, the subject header is intriguing.

Liberals do need to unite and collectively grow some backbone. As it stands now, the Democratic Party has to wait for Chelsea Clinton to get into the biz for any semblance of actual political leadership and principle. I'm being facetious here, but you get the point. There isn't enough liberal counterweight right now, and it's hurting the nation. So I'll put forth some statements:

1. Our politicians are catering to the highest bidder. Democrats, who've sold out just as much, should grow some principle and make campaign finance reform their number one priority. Just make campaign donations blind and get it over with. Ie, politicians can't know who donates money to their coffers. Of course, nagging details will be worked out later.

2. Attorney General Ashcroft is predictably treating the Constitution as a suggestion not reverent principle in this time of "war". We aren't even close to having our society threatened, yet here we are. Terrorism, virtually by definition, means the foe has already been beaten and their only recourse is to commit large scale crimes. The difference today is the science and technology makes those crimes much larger scale. I guess making a more competent FBI is an even more unattainable goal than edging the USA nearer to a police state. We're not close, but it's all about the edge.

3. Deficit spending is an inevitability with the current stimulus package schemes, not to mention the previously passed tax cut which depended on 3% GDP growth that we probably won't see for a couple of years. The USA has more economic capital built up from the 90s than in any time in history. I don't think our businesses need more.

4. Bush has built battlements of secrecy around his administration through nepotism, propaganda and media inveigling. The only thing that needs to be secret are affairs that deal with the military.

5. My personal pet peeve and pretty much my highest priority, we have an administration that apparently has no appreciation for ethics, science and technology, the very foundation of Western power, and puts hardly an effort in promoting it, funding it, researching it, educating it in our schools, nor perhaps even understanding it. Clinton wasn't much better, but at least he seemed to like the Internet.
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