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Hi all,

So I was thinking about purchasing the BookArc stand for my MBP 15".

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Seems like an elegant solution and a good way to free up some desk space.

What I wondered about is thier claim on the page that:

"You can actually boost the performance of your MacBook or MacBook Pro by running it closed in the BookArc. That's because your system automatically dedicates 100% of its video memory to the external display rather than splitting it with the built-in display. Youll see a noticeable speed increase when working in many graphics-intensive applications."

Is this actually true?

The reason that I opted to have the MBP open in the first place was because when I ran it closed, I found the fans were always going like nobody's business, and the machine ran hot--I assumed this was because it:

A) Vented out of the keyboard, and with the lid closed it was blocking a primary airway and so not getting enough air circulation.

B) was laying flat on the desk and therefore had ~45% of its surface close to the desk, also not allowing for good air flow (the design of the BookArc seems to solve that issue, which is why I was considering it).

It seems like there'd be more likelihood of a trade off than a gain. That is, if it really DOES improve performance because it isn't effectively running a dual monitor setup, it would also lose venting ability and need to route resources to the fans to keep the thing cool.

Does anyone have any thoughts to share? By the way, my MBP is about three years on--not a unibody, but the core 2 duo model that came before...

Thanks in advance!

New MacBook Pros next Tuesday!
New MacBook Pros next Tuesday!