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Originally Posted by nvidia2008 View Post

And Beatles. Am I the only one that is sick and tired of the Beatles thing coming up EVERY F*G TIME there is an iPod event?


Yeah. I bet there is no Beatles too. Great minds think alike.
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Well, I guess the source was right, but not in a good way. No cameras in the new iPod Touches. =/
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Originally Posted by bizwarrior View Post

Do not let the fanboys get to you. There are a lot of reasons that windows is so dominant in the business place and will remain so. They are unwilling to admit to the problems with their operating system and other issues.

The only reason that Windows dominates anything in the business world is due to up front costs and an IT department. What is never calculated in purchasing computers are the LONG term costs of owning computers. Without an IT department to troubleshoot every little hiccup with software and hardware, the Windows platform more often comes crashing to a halt daily. weekly, or monthly. That is not to say that Macs do not have their sets of problems but in my 20 years of computer experience, I have far fewer problems with my Macs than with my PCs running Windows.
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Originally Posted by AppleInsider View Post

Just days before Apple is expected to unveil its new line of iPods, multiple reports are suggesting that some of the widely anticipated camera-equipped media players could be delayed due to technical difficulties. [Updated with info from Hardmac.]

A person with a strong track record in predicting Apple's upcoming product launches recently told AppleInsider that the iPod maker has experienced technical problems (bad parts) with the cameras modules. The person said that it was uncertain whether the new hardware, which has been widely expected to debut at Wednesday's "Only rock and roll" media-centric event, would make the cut for early September retail distribution.

The report echos one published earlier Monday by Hardmac, the English-language version of French Apple news site Macbidouille.

For months, photos of third-party cases for the iPod touch and iPod nano with camera holes have been surfacing online, leading most to believe that the new hardware was essentially a foregone conclusion at the Sept. 9 keynote. Though there have been no such cases to support a similar upgrade for the iPod classic, one rumor has implied Apple's only hard drive-based player could also see a photographic upgrade. At the time, reports suggested that the line would be receiving 3.2 megapixel CMOS image sensors -- the same lens currently available in the iPhone 3GS.

Rumors of the camera upgrade cropped up long before the case evidence surfaced, but in recent months the evidence has become more convincing. One person even took photos and video of what was alleged to be a third-generation iPod touch prototype with a camera. That person even provided a teardown of the device, showing its inner workings.

With the latest tip provided to AppleInsider, it is unclear whether the debut of iPods with cameras has been scrapped from the Sept. 9 event entirely, or if the products will simply not be available for sale for some time after an unveiling.

Apple's long-rumored tablet device, with a 10-inch touchscreen and 3G connectivity, is not expected to be at Wednesday's event. That product will likely see its debut in early 2010.

And to think I dismissed this article altogether. I'll have to learn to pay more attention to stuff like this.
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