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Pittsburgh is gonna win the Super Bowl.
There is not one team in football they cannot beat.

Miami? Look no further than what SF did to them today. BTW, SF scares me the most of any team. Dyanmic QB, RB, and WR, and OK defense.

Oakland? Hah, nice offense, but our defense will slow 'em down enough to win a relatively high scoring game.

New England? Fluke. Do it again next year, then we'll start talkin'.

St. Louis? Again, I think we could win a close game against them...could come down to a field goal which worries me...maybe the Steelers should sign Norm Johnson?

Anyway, Air Kordiell, the Bus, Hines Ward, and the best "D" in the leaguer=SUPER BOWL CHAMPS!!!!!!!
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While I was happy to see murderin' Ray Lewis and his 'mates lose the game Sunday, I don't think there is any truly dominant team out there right now. St. Louis is as close as it gets (when they take care of the ball).

But Pittsburgh, Chicago, Green Bay, SF and St. L all have a legitimate shot at it IMO. Any one of them could beat the others on a given day. Not like St. Louis was a couple years ago when they pounded the crap out of everyone, or like Chicago in 85. These teams all have their weaknesses.

Pittsburgh has it's place kicker and QB that's one bad game away from the psyche ward

Chicago has two backup QB's instead of one real starter

Green Bay doesn't have the receiving corps it used to

SF...well they've shown an ability to blow huge leads.

St Louis is rock solid but turns the ball over a lot some games.

Should be a great playoff run.

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Aldo is watching....
Aldo is watching....
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Hey guys, I also think that Pittsburg is the most balanced team in the AFC. Raiders have a better offense but their defense has taken a turn for the worse. I thought that Baltimore had a better defense but Pittsburg sure proved that wrong.

Definately Rams and Steelers in the Super Bowl. Should be a good one. Especially considering what happened the last time the two teams met.
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Well the Bus is out this week...but they are playing Detroit so no biggie...If they have to play their playoff games at home, they SHOULD win...unless it comes down to a field goal. Brown may be injured though.

The Rams do turn the ball over a lot. But I think they would be a little more conservative in the Super Bowl.

It is nice to see people are now truly looking at the Steelers as a dominant team. Kordell has been UNBELIEVABLE this season...And everyone talking about their easy schedule...while somewhat true, the dominated the World Chamos twice, but lost becasue of a horrific game by their kicker...
Plus, they have just beat two playoff bound teams in the Jets and the Ravens, both wins without the Bus.

I would be shocked if they do not at least make the Super Bow.
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