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iWeb and domain names 101

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I know this material has been covered here before, but I'm having trouble putting the story together fully - sorry if this is repetitive, but:

I have a website up which I created in iWeb, and currently publish in iWeb using my Mobile Me account to host it. I assume that's how it's working anyway? I think the folders holding the site pictures etc are kept on my iDisk?

I have two questions

1) I want to purchase a simpler name for the site, and just work it so that everything is the same, but my site will now have a simple name, rather than the complex one it is assigned by iWeb (which uses my email address, etc etc)
How do I do that?

2) Is that the best way to do this, or are there benefits to having the site hosted by another service other than .Mac (or MobileMe - whatever it is porperly called these days.)

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Go into your MobileMe account online. Click on the "Personal Domain" link. It has wonderful step-by-step instructions
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I am currently using iWeb and mobileMe. Mobileme host my pages (the site). The domain name is www.pictureme2.com which i purchased from Godaddy.com.

I had mobileme for along time and my email address is pictureme2@mac.com.

Now, I didn't want to use the long website name mobileme and iweb created. So, I called godaddy.com and they walk me through the entire process.

The con of using iweb is that you can setup adsense ads but the search engines can't find you. There is a script or restrictions on changing and adding your own keywords, meta tag, etc.... Not search engine friendly.
Just a christain passing through!
Just a christain passing through!
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