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Files are there, but not

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Sorry, I know this is going to be long, but please bare with me, I want to be clear and concise on my description.

My iTunes library has more than 4200 songs in it. I have been using the "Consolidate Library" feature ever since I got my Mac. Now, while using that feature, it is my understanding that it keeps all the music in the "iTunes Music" folder under <home folder>:Music:iTunes.

Now I am running a DJ program that has the ability to A) read the iTunes library, and B) Can browse through folders manually.

When I browse the library in the program, all 4200+ songs show up. But when I manually look at the "iTunes Music" folder, only about 800 songs (in their respective folders) are visible. Also, in Finder, when you manually look up the location of the music, only some of the folders are there, and all of the folders are empty.

I don't think my music is missing, because iTunes can play every one of the 4200+ songs, but I can't find them at all in Finder. When looking for the music, I am going directly on the same path as what iTunes says when I control-click on a song and click "Get Info"

A few things to note:
-My iTunes folder in Finder has a size of 97+ GB.
-In iTunes when I select all the music by the artist "Above & Beyond", iTunes says I have 1.07 GB of music
-In Finder, iLaw:Music:iTunes:iTunes Music:Above & Beyond is only 8 KB in size.
-iTunes says all of my Above and Beyond music is in the folder listed in the previous point.

I have already tried showing all hidden folders with the following command in Terminal:

defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles TRUE
killall Finder

but the Folders aren't there.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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You can try using a file count command on your music directory:

ls -R <directory> | wc -l

(all letter L, no capital i).

You'd drag the music directory where it says <directory>. This will give you the file count inside your music folders and it should come close to your itunes count.

You can also try running Disk Utility to see if your filesystem is having any issues. Verify/repair disk and permissions.
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I might try to Right Click a song in iTunes and select "Show in Finder". This will tell you exactly where iTunes is playing it from
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