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I have a Mac Mini running MacOS10.6 with an firewire isight.
The problem is it stopped being able to use its microphone and camera for videoconferencing.
I have no direct access to the computer since I'm abroad, but I can connect to it through ichat screen sharing and I can ask the other side to perform (simple) tests on hardware and software if needed.
What I found is that the green light gets on and system profiler normally correctly recognizes the isight on the firewire port, both when connected daisy chained to a hard drive and when connected directly to the computer.
Anyway, no application is able to see or use the camera. In system preferences for example the audio input "isight" does not appear anymore, and quicktime is not able to see the device as well.
Is there anything I can try to do to make isight work again? There was no soft or hardware update between "working" and "not working anymore".. Possibly it is really a hardware defect, but I would like to be able to check this before buying a new camera.
Thank you in advance for any advice!
best regards