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Hi all, I have a ibook 14" G4 with 10.3.9
I have a time wrner cable modem.
When I check network preferences it says I am connected yet when I try safari or firefox it won't connect.
Looking around I found something on in start up items, although it was unchecked-littlesnitch daemon. I deleted it.
I ran YASU which ran cron, repaired permissions, updated prebinding, etc.
Didn't help.
I reset safari. Didn't help.
I left my computer running clam ax/v since it takes so long and now I am at work.
I can't start up from my disk warrior CD because my DVD Rom isn't working.

I tried using network assistant and when I tried to connect automatically it wouldn't allow it.
So that's where I'm at. I know I'm going to have to call Time Warner when i get home and see if they can get me on manually but I don't even know if thats going to work.

Anyone have any ideas what it could be and what I could do?