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MacMall rebates reliable?

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Hey folks,

Finally going to buy my first Mac, the new Macbook, as I have been waiting for this latest update to drop. I did some looking around and it seems that the best overall deal is with MacMall.

$994 Macbook - $50 mail in rebate = $944
$80 HP Deskjet F4480 All-in-One Printer - $80 mail in rebate = $0
$80 Parallels 4.0 for Mac - $80 in mail in rebates = $0
$30 IMSI ClipArt&More - $30 in mail in rebates = $0
$20 everki USA Commute 13.3" Laptop and Document Shuttle - $20 mail in rebate = $0

Product cost (excl. mail in rebates) = $1203.97
Plus $15.82 shipping = $1219.79 in cart price

Minus 3% Bing Cashback = $1183.67
Minus $260 in mail in rebates = $923.67

$923 sounds pretty good to be getting the Macbook, a new printer, Parallels, some random clip art/stock image database, and a shuttle delivered to my door.

But here's the question. A quick Google of MacMall shows that it seems that in the past a lot of people have had problems with their rebates. I was wondering if anyone has any recent experiences that they want to share about MacMall's rebate service? I am a tad wary to leave $260 up in the air if people have problems with them -- though most complaints that I found are from several years ago.

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Get. AppleCare.
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Originally Posted by pmz View Post

Get. AppleCare.

Wow, I didn't realize that asking if MacMall rebates are reliable is actually secret code for "should I get AppleCare?"

But fyi I will be getting AppleCare through Apple directly as it is $60 cheaper for education. Thus I will not be buying it from MacMall and thus it is not in the original post. So thanks for not answering the question.

So I will ask again. Are MacMall rebates reliable? Has anyone had good/bad experiences with them?

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I don't shop at Macmall anymore. I previously bought 2 computers from them, the 1st time, they said they didn't receive my rebate form. So the 2nd time i bought from them 2 years after that, i made sure that i followed all the instruction thoroughly and even used certified mail to have it delivered on time. 1.5 months later, they send a letter inform me that my rebate was not qualified, without any further explanation.

So, in my opinion, Macmall Rebate is just a scam, don't count on it.
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Aug 4, 2013 I purchased a MacBook Pro from MacMall on line and the rebate form comes via email on a PDF file which cannot be printed.  Receiving this on my PC, the print command tries hard.  Window comes up that indicates it cannot be printed.  Why?  No pages selected.  Try to select a page and "All" is all that is selected.  All other options like pages (1-etc) is GHOSTED OUT.  The sales person has sent me this 3 times and still won't print.  If there is a TIME LIMIT, Mac Mall sure knows how to delay the process.  They could have mailed me the form via USPS, but that must be out of the GREEN way of thinking.  Ignorance on one small point can make all this hassle not worth the dinky rebate.  I will continue to try though because LOTS OF FOLKS would probably want to know the outcome BEFORE THEY BUY FROM MACMALL ONLINE.

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