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Just wondering if anyone has seen stuff like this....

"...Todays news has been dominated by Windows 7 related articles, the software has proven to be so successful that according to Amazon Windows 7 was the “biggest grossing pre-order product of all time”.
Prior to this two of the biggest grossing products were the Nintendo Wii and also Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, also according to a spokes-person for DSGi (who own PC World, Currys and Dixons) they “have sold more copies of Windows 7 in three weeks on pre-order than Vista sold in its first year.”
As with many large releases queues formed outside many stores across the world, one area which makes the upgrade awkward is for netbook owners, this is due to the fact that a lot of netbooks do not have optical drives, it is thought that many retailers will be stocking up on USB optical drives for this purpose...."

And that's without the major I.T. firms upgrading from XP which we all know will happen.

This is the kind of success I want to see as well as things like the COURIER, especially if it's a MSFT device as this would me 100% control over the machine, the same as Apple which all translates to better devices for us, the consumer, the ProSumer, and the Pro.

I really think Apple ought to rethink it's strategy regarding CONSUMER and PRO devices.
Sure the new iMac has QUAD core, but still, it lacks express slots used by many musicians to plug in cards that take a load off the CPU and gives them a LOT of REVERB, COMPRESSION, and so on, as all the power is on the card. Or you could use an eSata card to boot a iMAC to RAID, better yet would be to have express slots and eSata outputs.

Is the Windows success that I hope someday drives Apple to deliver a MID RANGE HEADLESS mini tower, 4/8 cores and can see that happening when the Mac Pro goes to 16 cores.
I mean, c'mon Apple, gamers alone out sell video and music sales combined and Avid saw that writing on the wall and saw that their Pro Tools TDM machines were no longer selling so they purchased MAudio and now are making a killing in the PRO SUMER MARKETS.

Apple needs to realize, they will make MORE money, not LESS, people will still by Mac Pros but then instead of buying PC servers like I've seen as the price to performance is better, they would buy these newer APPLE MACHINES!