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27inch iMac Display dimensions

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Can anyone tell me the DISPLAY dimensions of the new 27 inch iMac? (Not the 20.4 x 25.6 external dimensions).

Wondering if a 24 inch display "pairs-up" with the 27 inch iMac display (height wise).
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So far I received two responses from the Apple folks:

1) 27" imac 23.50" x 13.25" and 24" cinema display: 20.25" x 12.75"

2) The height of the 27” iMac with stand is 20.4”, while the actual display dimensions are 23.5" x 13.4”.The height of the 24” LED Cinema Display with stand is 18.84”, so it is a bit shorter than the iMac. The display dimensions are 19.2”x14.4”, so it is a bit taller visually. Keep in mind these will be a slight approximation, and since the displays both tilt that can have an effect on apparent size.

Once I buy them, I'll measure if anyone is interested.
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If you want to use a 27" iMac's screen and a 24" Cinema Display as one desktop, the physical size differences will forever keep annoying you (as will the differences in style/physical appearance/design). They will never disappear. Therefore I would go for 2 identical screens, and I'd have sales people, in the store demonstrate to me which iMac, MBP, or MacPro supports 2x 24" Cinema Displays. Or even 2x 30" Cinema Displays! Might as well go the distance while you're at it! That's the Mac, and the displays, that I'd get.

I have a 17" MBP, and a 20" and a 24" iMac. I work on a friend's 30" Cinema Display (off my MBP) often. He's got 2x 30" Cinema Displays (and 2x MacPros; he's got an audio recording studio), but I work on only one of those 30-inchers, because two feels simply uncomfortably big for me (doing photo editing and management) as a work area. Running presentations on the two lined up side-by-side, though, is breathtakingly brilliant and impressive!
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