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Appleinsider Quotes for Remembrance

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Once again, Mac O' the Isles has made another incredibly funny post.

It's in reference to a double topic post.

Y'all know how this works: see something funny or enlightening in the AI forums, post it here.

Sir Mac o' the Isles

Posts: 25
From: Scotland
posted 01-10-2002 03:41 PM
I think this is an admirable wee bit innovation: 'Double Topics'. I see this as an opportunity nae sae much for parallel 50% dilution, but massive amplification o' the original. Cloning! That is the way forward for topics.
Consider the potential. In this grey dimension between topic existence and oblivion lies the theory o' Parallel Topics; a theory which the UBB mathematics suggests allows the original one-dimensional topic singularity tae branch oot in an unlimited binary diversification o' dimensions wi' every subtle difference o' response, mirroring the Parallel Universe theory. One topic multiplying in such a fashion would soon conquer the world. Och; the potential tae spread peace and grooviness throughoot the planet. Every nuance o' cerebral pleasure and intellectual stimulation: every question asked and every answer given:all wid be covered in the inexorable march taewards infinity.

Never mind the hardware - the true future is here!


Heedrum Ho
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Mac Guru's signature:

"For a smart material to be able to send out a more complex signal it needs to be nonlinear. If you hit a tuning fork twice as hard it will ring twice as loud but still at the same frequency. That's a linear response. If you hit a person twice as hard they're unlikely just to shout twice as loud. That property lets you learn more about the person than the tuning fork."
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