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Originally Posted by solipsism View Post

I actually think he believes he is correct. I think he has a delusional disorder.

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders defines a delusion as
A false belief based on incorrect inference about external reality that is firmly sustained despite what almost everybody else believes and despite what constitutes incontrovertible and obvious proof or evidence to the contrary. The belief is not one ordinarily accepted by other members of the person's culture or subculture.
Sound like anyone we know?

Is that what your magic mirror tells you while you wave your magic mouse at it?
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Originally Posted by Gazoobee View Post

This is just disgusting. There's no need to get pornographic and it just shows how low you are wiling to go to make a point.

You have succeeded at the impossible.
Making yourself even *less* respectable than teckstud.

I don't have your respect...?? Say it isn't so, damn - my weekend is ruined now!! If you get insulted by the word 'johnson' then you need to relax. Guess you never watch HBO shows or any cable shows, since you get offended so easily. If you're so uptight how do you even know what it means? If I used a lesser known slang word would that be okay? You need to get out more, man... stop playing Doom or Halo or whatever and experience life. Now get off the bozack! (do you know what that means? - hahahaa)
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Originally Posted by solipsism View Post

Welcome to the forum. Im not sure how to take your comment. Are you proud because they actual got a job in this economy or that they got retail job at an Apple Store. I would find it odd that working in retail is somehow a cool thing these days if it is at an Apple Store.

Thanks for the welcome!

I just meant that I am proud that he (my son) was only 1 of 220 out of 10,000 applicants. Being only one of fifty applicants that makes it through the process is cool.

Retail can be bad or good but the predominantly young people that work there think it's a cool job and Apple at least pays very well for retail and also has excellent benefits.

I guess it's easy to be generous when you are clearing $350 million a year from some of your stores!
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When I first saw this store going up, I wondered why Apple had to "waste" money destroying the original store structure. I thought they could have built a perfectly decent Apple store within the original structure or could have built a decent store down the block where Tower Records used to be.

But Apple doesn't do just "decent". IMO, the store is spectacular - much more spectacular than the Fifth Avenue "Cube". Certainly architecture and aesthetics are subjective, but IMO, this store fits in perfectly with the neighborhood. It's one short block away from the new WNET PBS TV studios, which will also be behind a giant glass structure as part of the newly renovated section of Lincoln Center. The Apple architecture fits in very well with the Lincoln Center architecture (which also has a new cafe and public seating area behind giant panes of glass.)

The store is gorgeous day or night and the impact of its architecture will definitely pull people in. (I wonder what the architecture critic for the New York Times is going to think about it.) IMO, it has also raised the profile of the block, which in spite of its proximity to Lincoln Center and the movie theatre and large Barnes & Noble across the street, has been a bit dead on the west side of the street.

Those of you who think it's a cathedral are exactly right. I think that's the point: this store will be a cathedral to all things Apple. And for those who think it looks sparse, I don't think you've been to the NYC stores: they're always very crowded. When those stores are filled with people, they'll look even more spectacular. Besides, I don't think Apple wants their stores to look like Costco. And it certainly doesn't look like any mall store I've ever seen: quite the opposite.

Whether or not this store is "green" is unknown to me. Hopefully it is. And hopefully all those hard surfaces aren't going to make the store a noisy place. One of the things I don't like about the Apple retail stores are those concrete floors. And I wish they would bring back the training theatres, like the one they have in the Soho store.

Apple's branding exercise with these stores is that elegance and design matters. They're simply being very consistent with that branding in everything from the retail environments, to their packaging, to the external design of the hardware to their UI. This is one of the ways in which Apple is differentiating their products and giving people a reason to be willing to pay more for Apple as compared to your average generic "order a cheap PC online". It would be easy to be critical of this business strategy if they were failing. But in spite of the things we criticize Apple for on this site, Apple has been firing on all cylinders for a long time. The stores have the highest sales per square foot in retail (any type of retail), they're generating more cash than the entire company generated ten years ago, Apple hits records almost every quarter, they have no debt, tons of cash and they've done all this in the worst recession since the Depression. And I have a feeling, especially with some consumer confidence returning, that they're going to have an incredible holiday quarter (even without Blu-ray).
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Originally Posted by zoetmb View Post

And I wish they would bring back the training theatres, like the one they have in the Soho store..

I think there's supposed to be a theatre in the basement space.
Macintosh: It just WORKS!
Macintosh: It just WORKS!
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this thing will definately fit in.

This is the American Bible Society at 1865 Broadway/ 61st st

This is the newly renovated Alice Tully Hall completed a few months ago, located two blocks away.

and of course, lincoln center which will look like this after the renovations next year.

it's too bad tower records closed down, it would have added to the times square-esque of this area, that and the large loews theater across the street.

here is the before and after pic of the Apple store
BEFORE (the old building that was there)

AFTER (apple store under construction). the apple store fits in with the pottery barn on the corner, and the ollies chinese restaurant next door.
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