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I have a Macbook (mid 2007) model number A1181.

Today I had a Macbook in the shop to bind to our domain. As standard operating procedure, I started off by manually copying the documents and desktop files to our X serve (Our X serve is running 10.5.7), as the teacher wanted me to pay extra attention to some folders located in those locations. I also decided to create a disk image DMG. While the computer was still in target mode and after the folders were 100% copied, I launched disk utilities to create the DMG. I started the back-up as usual and left the machine.

After about ten minutes, I returned to find that the DMG was created (only 15.0 GB). The computer was also un-mounted from the server. I restarted the computer to find the flashing file folder. I tried re-targeting the system, with no luck. I also reseated the hard drive, with no luck. When I target the system now, it acts like nothing is there. Luckily, the important files were already backed-up by my manual file/folder transfer.
Has anyone experienced this issue before? Is there something that we are doing wrong, with regards to backing up systems? Is there a better way than using Disk Utilities?

Any Comments would be appreciated.