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Hi, I am considering the Kanex Mini DisplayPort Adapter To HDMI 1080p Video w/ USB Audio. for my MBP 13". ( )

I have some questions :

Is it possible to use the adapter for video, but output sound in a separate cable via the MBPs 3.5 mm connection?

(Will sound via the 3.5 mm audio port on the MBP be cut off when the adapter is connected with is MiniDisplayport- and USB-cables?)

My reason for asking is: I want to buy a product that gives me a versatile solution, and sometimes I want to run sound directly from the MBP to an amplifier, (and not via a phono output from a flatscreen, connected with the above mentioned adapter).

I am aware of the cheaper Kanex Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Full HD 1080p Adapter ( ), but I want a versatile solution..........