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I have been dealing with this issue since I first upgraded to Snow Leopard. Never had this issue under Leopard.

Since I installed Snow Leopard my one external USB hard drive randomly disconnects itself. The duration is either from 10 mins to an 1hr. It varies. Turning the hard drive off and back on fixes the remounts the drive, but only temporary until it disconnects itself, again. Somehow, the system is still thinking it's partially there because some activities such as logging out of a user account or restarting the computer will lock up and not proceed until I turn the (disconnected) hard drive off.

I have tried all forms of troubleshooting:

- Reinstalling snow leopard
- Deleting all partitions on the ext. hard drive and reformatting
- Repairing the hard drive
- turning off the energy saver "put hard disks to sleep" option
- trying a different USB connection
- CHecking for updated hard drive firmware (all up to date)

Plugging the hard drive into my MacBook running leopard works and my other USB hard drive hooked up to my snow leopard mini doesn't suffer from this.

It's been driving me crazy. Has anyone else experienced similar issues and maybe a workaround?

EDIT -- By the way this is a Lacie usb 2 hard drive.
Mac OS X Leopard vs. Windows Vista
Mac OS X Leopard vs. Windows Vista