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Tivo-best thing to happen to TV since cable

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Seriously. I watch half the TV i used to and only the stuff I want. I can finally pause TV to take a bathroom break and rewind to see stuff I need to see again.I come home and never channel surf. I watch my allotment of the Simpsons, Junkyard wars, and South park, and shut the TV off (or let my wife see her Trading Spaces). When i turn the TV on I NEVER have to waste time searching for something to watch... it's either already recorded or I can skim the progrtam guide really fast for something interesting.

Anyone else have a TiVo? I couldn't watch TV without it now. They should install one in every TV.
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Tivo does sound like a great device for TV viewers tried of commercials and for the overall convenience...

<rant>But I honestly can't watch commercial TV anymore. ABC, NBC, CBS, FOXTV, WB17, etc.. I have gotten to the point that 15 minutes into a show and a commercial comes on...I've lost interest. What is there to watch anyway? Cop shows, Lawer shows, Doctor shows? Simpsons? IMHO..dead horse. Robot Wars? South Park? Sorry...forget it.</rant>

I watch some HBO, TCM, IFC and Sundance channel for movies and shows that don't need to cater to their advertisers or a panel of corporate backers.

But if I could afford Tivo it would help me really enjoy watching The Daily Show at the very least....
I AM THE Royal Pain in the Ass.
I AM THE Royal Pain in the Ass.
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It still cost a little too much for me. DVD players are now cheap enough for me. When Tivo gets down there I'll buy one.
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Once Tivo comes down in price I'll try to convince my parents to get it.
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As far as I know, and please correct me if I am wrong here.... but you have to subscribe to Tivo networks to use it...

I have used a ReplayTV once... You dont need to pay a provider to use it... its programming is free, In fact the ReplayTV_4000 is Mac Friendly and can push the iHub even further... the ReplayTV_4000 can network thru-out your home... you can read more about it <a href="http://www.sonicblue.com/video/replaytv/replaytv_4000_faq.asp#2" target="_blank">Here</a>.

The ReplayTV_4000 can even network across the internet... you can share recordings with your friends over a high speed network...

[quote] ReplayTV 4000s come in four different models providing either 40, 80, 160 or 320 hours of storage. Our 320-hour unit has over 5 times more storage than the closest shipping competitor.


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The lifetime subscription is $250. The TiVo device is $200-$300 and you can upgrade the hardrive. RePlay is $1500. The decision was easy for me.
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