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I own a 3rd Generation 8GB iPod Nano that I got way back in 2007, and it has had no problems for me up to this point. Just today, I decided to set the backlight to "always on" so that way it would play in my iLive (when the screen saver with the time comes on, it shuts off in my iLive. Nothing unusual there, it's always done that to me) but when I was done playing it I went to re-set the backlight to the original setting it was on, which was 20 seconds on before the backlight shuts off unless you touch it. I did what anyone would normally do, scroll to settings then scroll down to backlight. But as soon as I scrolled over the "backlight" link, before I could even click it, my iPod re-set itself automatically. (You know, the ole' Apple logo coming on for like 10 seconds?) When my iPod came back on, it worked fine. Even the backlight setting somehow is now back to 20 seconds of the backlight being on before it shuts off unless you touch your iPod. But I tried the same thing, to go back to the backlight setting and re-set it, my iPod did the same thing. And it continues to do the same thing to me everytime I scroll over "backlight". I tried re-setting it the normal way, once when it was plugged into my charger and once when it wasn't, but it didn't fix the problem. It only does this when I scroll over "backlight," not when I scroll over or click on anything else. I can't even click backlight before my iPod re-sets itself. I read some things that other people were writing that had similar situations as me that the problem is either a low battery (nope, mine is fully charged and was when this started happening) or a failing harddrive. Can any of you offer your insight on this? Oh btw no I don't want to take it to Apple and get some rep who will only try to sell me a new one, even for the discount I don't want to do that unless it completely breaks. Much Thanks