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Monthly content subscription option

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I've been wondering why a company like Apple does think of monthly content subscriptions as a way to subsidize their hardware. In effect, this would work about the same way as carriers subsidize the iPhone.

For example, Apple could offer customers the option to get a subsidized iSlate/iPod/Whatever its called tablet thing, if they also sign up for a 12/24 month content subscription contract (content could include newspapers, journals, songs, movies) with Apple. I'm pretty sure there are going to be lots of people out there that would be willing to spend 30-40 dollars a month for a content subscription.. if Apple gives the tablet out for a subsidized price (free??).
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You clearly have not thought this through:
  • People want to own their devices.
  • Apple does not want to rent hardware to customers.
  • I pay my first and last month's rent for my iPod. I walk out the store and refuse to pay next month's rent. What does Apple do?
  • I can go on.
If you can't afford an iPod, then don't buy an iPod. Life will go on.
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