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Ha! The latest twist on this story is the most bizarre. This judge was quoted as saying the Russians pressured her. I think she even signed an affadavit to that effect. Now she gets back home, hooks up with a lawyer and the story is totally different!

Sure, it was the Canadians. Uh huh. Then why did she say otherwise before, and then quietly watch as the Canadians got a gold medal? One of the two times, she was lying. Which one seems most likely... ?
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I have got only one explanation for this.
The people who make pressure on her is the french president of the federation of ice skating Didier Gaillaguet. I think (just a personal theory without any proofs : i don't want to be sued for this ) that Gaillaguet and the russians (who wins the majority of the golds medals in ice artistic skating for the last five decades) have done a pact saying that the russians will be first in the couple and french will be in front of the italians.
The judge then have a nervous breakdown, and she admit to be under pressure of her federation and the russians after. Didier gaillaguet told her , that if she want to still be a judge she need to gave an other version , where the russians and him will not be in cause. So she said that the canadians make her under pressure and she resit to it : with that version the russians and the french president are not guilty, nor the french judge (because she resisted to the canadian pressure). So with this last version the russians and the french president of ice skating are happy : they will support with the russians friends the french judge who was honnest at least, because she was under pressure of the canadians and she voted for the russians anyway.

If i see right we might see a new television series , after Dallas, the nice world of ice skating...

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actually, to me the funniest part of all this is that in the end, i believe that the French won the ice dancing competition, with the Russians coming in second...

what are the odds? <img src="graemlins/lol.gif" border="0" alt="[Laughing]" />
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