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hello there,

im a newbie here so please be kind!

i have been given a imac g5 17" (1994) white without isight that is broken.

when you power it up there is either nothing apart from the white power light or sometimes the light blinks and i hear three loud beeps. i have googled the problem and there are a lot forums posted about ram being dodgy or unseated, none however offer a cure! im hoping the clever people at appleinsdier might help!

ive already opened the imac up and checked that the rams (2) are seated correctly. ive also tried to take one out ram and try the other one in one slot, then the other slot then switch between the ram sticks and repeat but to no avail..

i have another working imac with (isight) which i have tried the power cord. i would try the ram from the working computer but the sizes are different.

yesterday whilst mucking about with it (with both rams in) i did get the screen on but it appeared to crash soon after

if anyone has any clever suggestions id be very grateful to hear them!!

thanks in advance