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Hi all,

Taking a typical working day, this is how I anticipate my ipad use to pan out.

AM Gently woken by Sunrise Alarm app
Download todays Telegraph over wifi to browse over breakfast
Start morning mix of music on itunes on my ipad
Check weather forecast and emails
Wife uses Forex charting app to check her setups and trades for the day
Pack ipad into my waterproof courier bag and take my A2B ebike 5 miles to work

Check client names via email from admin office. Plug the ipad into my office projector, greet the clients (I teach adults navigation and powerboat driving skills) and run through how the day will progress as a Keynote presentation operated via my iphone using the Keynote Remote app.

Lunchtime update Facebook, check latest news online, check emails, wife checks Forex trades.

PM use ipad to type up short client reports, log course completions on the Royal Yachting Association website and prepare Keynote for following day. Purchase latest Foo Fighters album from itunes (rather than go to Tescos for it).

Evening after exercise in the park, update my Fitness app and watch the news on TV whilst Julie gets to play with my ipad, browsing the net, checking trades etc.

Ipad on charge with display showing photo montage.

Bedtime a little gentle music on snooze timer to see me off to sleep.

Besides my old ipod, this will be the 1st Apple product I own. Game changer? I think so, and my ipad day doesn't even scratch the surface of what this thing can do.

Love to hear about your ipad day .