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Originally Posted by nikon133 View Post

Business models are prone to changes.

Apple's business model for ages was selling personal computers, yet at some point they started with mp3 players and phones... tablet comes next... and judging from another article here, they might have some more devices soon. That is already changing business model, and changing it big.

Yes they do have free apps out there, but it seems to me majority of them (useless fart apps etc. aside) are demo/lite versions of commercial, pay-for titles.

That aside, there is another thing - control. Not only that free Flash apps would impact Apps Store, but Apple would lose (some) control over what is being available for their platform.

About a year ago unread an article that stated justbthat. It's not that the can't get it on the iPhone but the fear of adobe apps. Hey don't shoot
me. I'm just talking about an article I read about. Not sure what to believe anymore with apple. Gone are the days where most apple peeps were logic, fcp crowd and then came the iPhone, dropping computer from their name and making mobile me icon look like something from msft. Who knows. Who cares. Just give us the best experience at a reasonable price.
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look at what cyndia and icy did to the iPhone. I expect that the underground will have everything from 3rd party hard drive kits to flash with DVR in less than a months time of it's release. So for all the pro flash folks, no need to get your panties in a bunch.

For the conspiracy crowd whether they think jobs fears adobe apps or greed, free network shows vs buying it via iTunes, I also think the under ground will develop FTP programs, usenet programs, and play almost any codec around, in fact I'm going to go out on a limb and say the underground community contributes in a huge way. Much larger impact than jb iPhones.

Originally Posted by jragosta View Post

You've got your tenses mixed. What you means is "if we believe the Adobe vaporware hype, then the problem will go away some day".

Early reviews on 10.1 are pretty dismal. Slow, choppy playback and long delays in using menus. If Adobe had wanted to develop decent software, they've had years to do so. Apple would be crazy to listen to them now.

If Adobe ever DOES release a decent version of Flash, Apple can always add it. But there's no rational reason why they should put a crappy version on now in the hopes that Adobe might some day learn how to write acceptable code.

Why should anyone believe that Adobe's blog is unbiased? If Adobe had wanted to address the problem, they could have done so. They're the only ones who have accLess to the code. As it is, Flash is widely recognized as slow and buggy.

I hope you're aware that making a copy of a rented BD from Netflix is illegal. Some of us have morals.
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Lack of freedom online is not a good thing.

Commonly multimedia is a part of my daily life and day to day activities, and without it things would seem pretty boring or dull.

Most webforms online I fill out are Flash based and without Flash I would not see these websites as they were intended to be seen as the developers made them for site visitors to see them.

And as a developer, I tend to use Flash for key areas in network development, graphics, interacivity and dynamic data management with or without connectivity.

From a graphics standpoint:
Flash has moved forward into the 3D rendering realm and games such as Interstellar Marines is a good example: http://www.interstellarmarines.com

A good representation for it's 3D is in it's development which is highly simplified but similiar coding sytanx and names as DirectX and OpenGL, with hardware acceleration options, which make it very powerful, especially given the fact all this can be done in a browser or application locally or remotely. Even audio is good and streamed video playback.


Sites like YouTube enable fast streamed video and audio with Hi-Def playback options now. Especially sites such as Hulu.

Alternative Flash Controllability:
Touch and Wii Remote options do exist, even WiiFlash on TV and to control on screen projector presentations.

From a realistic standpoint, most websites these days use Flash, I spend some time each day watching videos, movies, and shows, mostly through Hulu for Movies and TV Shows, and Youtube for information.

The least Apple could do is provide the option to turn Flash on or off, and keep it simple, so everyone is happy and satisfied with the product, if you want to turn it on then turn it on, if you don't want it on the turn it off, simple.

Personally, I want and need it on or else I'm going to have to spend time figuring how to develop custom app's and solutions to get by most the issues I'm facing with lack of Flash support on this device and I'd really rather be spending time working on the projects I'm already working on and not that.

While I can see some security and performance points, I'm not totally sold on the Flash solely uses so much more battery power than anything else thing, except when dealing with the devices screen being on and processor being used more, and if that is the issue then the hardware design needs improved to deal more intense applications, just like with the battery and charging systems, after all this is what they are is a hardware and software developer, and since they own the technologies they develop might as well spend time making solutions and not excuses to why their hardware doesn't support it.

It's a new start for them so I hope to see these touch devices evolve over time and not be lacking in features people really want and need to use each day, I don't need another newspaper reader or portable mp3/video player, picture viewer, calender, calculator, or simple organizer. I need powerful touch screen webbrowser with wireless networking using the full Wireless N spec and freedom to move around and touch the screen to interact with and manage data. Watch movies and videos and listen to music online through the handheld device, as well as remote desktop and online file host management with atleast 25GB online storage capacity like Skydrive and remote capability such as Live Mesh.

I used to be able to do simliar with Pocket PC back in 2002 on an Axim X50v and Windows Mobile 6.5, until the wireless stopped working. And Windows Mobile 7 will not run 6.x code. It is based on Silverlight and .Net. Everything except a few basic programs will not work under Windows Mobile 7. The focus is currently on games including some XBox Live functionality for gaming and messaging. There will be a Microsoft App store with an easy approval process.

But I really want to see Flash support in the iPhone/iTouch/iPad with ability to turn it on and off and no jail breaking required to make it do things it should already do.
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