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I have a 13" macbook (white) which was given to me (Ill give the serial if needed) By a cousin.
before he gave it to me , he took it to the genius bar. They told him the board was fried- thus the reason why the battery didnt charge , never booted up and the magsafe power adapter light stayed a dim green. He also told him that it would cost around 1000 bucks to replace.

Anyways, my question replacing the logic board my self but am trying to decide on which one to get. do i have to get the same one as the original board? or can i go for something like the 2.16ghz ?

The macbook in its current state has a 2.2ghz core 2 duo (santa rose) core. with the standard intel video onboard gpu.
The options i have to choose from are follows..

*** 2.16GHz Logic Board . Board has 4 wall connectors. (not sure what the wall connectors are ... heatsink maybe??)
· Intel Core 2 Duo Mobile T7400 Processor SL9SK
· 667MHz Bus Speed
Includes Battery charger board

*** or the 2.0ghz core duo logic board (santa rosa-like the original)
-has vertical slots for heatsink (thermal sensors) [dont they all have vertical slots.. i cant seem to identify what theyre talking about. ] (doesntinclude internal power board)

which one will be compatible.. i have to be concerned about the "non-energy star/ energy star" my board doesnt have energy star written on the second ram slot..but the internal power connector board has the 2 rows of INTERUPTED pins ( i know the uninterupted pins means the board is "non energy star" do i have to take this into account when buying a board?)

i really hope someone can help!

if theres any other info i can give you , just ask!