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Hey, I know this concept has been brought up before, (and I didn't want to resurrect an old thread), but is there a way (either via app or some kind of hack/settings tweak) to setup auto-reply/action filters for text messages on the iPhone?

Much like how in OSX you can setup "rules" in mail to trigger certain actions if different requirements are met, that is the functionality I am looking for. Basically you could say:

IF sender = (Select from contacts) ----
AND text contains (form entry) ----
DO (Auto-reply, flag message, trigger alt. notification, etc.) ----

Alternatively this could be used in an out-of-the-office type scenario where you could say,
Between xx/yy/zzzz & aa/bb/cccc
DO Auto-reply "Vacation with the family, will reply on ___ notify ___ if urgent"

You could even set up more flags in that same scenario to say, if sender is in a certain group, put a flag on the message, etc.

Just curious, and this would be awesome to be able to setup. Thanks so much!