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Macbook Pro Logic Board (Non unibody) Question :)

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Long time *nix user first time apple user.

Unfortunately my little adventure into the apple world has been cut short! I picked up a 17" Macbook Pro off a friend for a good price, very happy with the laptop that is until I started getting some terrible artifacting about a week ago!

I have plugged the machine into an external monitor to confirm it is not the LCD or internal connections to the LCD playing up (Still heavy artifacting on external monitor).

Have also wiped the internal rom with Command-Option-P-R several times, no effect.

It is at a point now when the machine will not boot at all (artifacting after about 10 seconds, still able to ssh into machine start apps etc so I have drawn the conclusion that the onboard ATI graphics has gone to a better place).

So the main questions I need answered (have googled ) is are the non unibody 15" and 17" Logic Boards interchangeable. Also am I able to get a newer Logic Board (This is the first model release afaik Core Duo, 2.13? Ghz, Ddr2) and fit it into the chassis with no problems? I read something about Apple Serilizer Software, will I need to use this to make everything cooperate nicely?

I will post some pics a little later.

TIA! - Roger
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I'd say that is a hardware question, Roger. Better post it there too.
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