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MacBook Pro 17" won't start (not boot)

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I have a MacBook Pro 17" Late 2008 edition with 4gb mem. So it was kinda overheating this morning, I went and shut it down to let it cool off before turning it back on. When I tried to start it, it turned on for like one second (no white screen or anything but you can here the machine running) and then (i think it's from the harddrive) it made a clicked off sound and it shuts down. tried for a few more times same thing only starts for a second, so i thought the harddrvie is toasted, i took my macbook pro apart and took the harddrive out and docked it as an external on my friends laptop, it worked perfectly nothing was lost or anything all my files are still in there. So i installed the harddrive back in and it still doesnt start up with that clicked off sound. It happened in the worst time possible, I need my laptop to work on a project. what is the problem? cheers
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I have a MacBook Pro 17" Late 2008...

Whatever is wrong is beyond your ability to fix it.

If you had Apple Care extended warranty you would have been covered for three years since purchase. However, since you opened the machine up, you violated any warranty, extended warranty or gratis care Apple could have provided.

The cost to fix the machine will likely be a waste of money.

My suggestion is to salvage the hard drive and RAM, contact a third Apple product repair to sell the machine or ebay it for parts and apply that towards a new machine.

A two year old machine, even out of the 1 year warranty, going bad like that could have been used to arouse the interest at Apple to find out why. They might have considered keeping you as a customer by offering a refurb machine or something in exchange for a discount or even free. They tend to do that occasionally, especially if your bought their top of the line laptop.
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