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Well it seems that the Woz and I agree on at least one of the target markets for the iPad, the young student market.

I would agree with the "grandparents" market, but long term problems arise for this market due to the iPads highly reflective screen is hard on their eyes, touchscreens don't respond as well to older users fingers and the iPad's UI is not consistent and clear enough for most in this market. Also the ergonomics, the constant holding, adopting awkward positions is rather rough on older folks too.

Ever since Apple put out glossy screen computers, I have seen my older customers just disappear, the eyestrain is just too much for them. Luckily I was able to salvage a few sales by ordering the matte screen options online.

The co-founder of Apple also suggested the iPad would appeal to those who find traditional computing over complicated and daunting.

In the typical American household the grandparents are not usually residing in the same residence as their technical adept adult children with their kids. To support their grandparents iPad, remote management software will be needed as well as for school teachers to fill a entire classroom of iPads with homework assignments, e-books and the like.

Apple would be good to jump on this and have it ready before the school season starts.