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Okay. One day I am playing with Logic, I open up email, it freezes.
I reboot to an external grey screen. 2008 mbp
I try techtool 5 and disk warrior to no avail. It's leopard.
So I try booting to snow or another leopard partion to try and fix this.
Then I get it's a hardware failure. So, my HD is covered until 2013.
I get the new HD, use carbon clone. Grey screen. Super duper. Grey screen.
The reason I want this is I do t want to reinstall all my audio programs and plug INS.

Any clue to what's going on? Sometimes tech tool says no errors when I rebuild the volume then I run Disk Warrior and get messages that certain folders can not be fixed.

Even tried repair with the leopard disk. You would think it would be smart enough to see what the problem is but no dice.

Help is appreciated.
Thank you!!!